Meatman's Storage Solution

Gotta give credit to Andrew from Dice Anon for the template for these boxes. I loved the look of his box he wrote about several months ago, so I decided to take a crack at doing it myself. Definitely a labour of love...took a little while to get each one done, but I'm quite happy with the end product. I'm working on an AOU one now.

I actually did the UXM one first, as JUL wasn't released yet when I started, and it was a far simpler logo to woodburn that AVX. I did JUL after that one and just recently finished the AVX box. I think I got a little better at it each time, with knowing how much glue to use on the felt, how to presicely cut the felt and improving my woodburning technique.

Was a lot of fun, and I'll continue doing it for each set that comes out which I buy into. AOU is going to be a Grey felt colour, and I'm saving red for ASM.
  1. UXM Box
  2. JUL Box
  3. AVX Box
  4. All 3 Boxes Open
  5. All 3 Boxes Closed
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