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  1. OP Kit for Firefly DiceMasters...

    Howdy Browncoat Dice-chuckers,
    In the printing process, it was determined 3 custom 54-card playing card decks would get the job done, however the set is a bit short of the 162 card total. I had a Firefly Team Pack in the works, but in order to prevent doubles, I have filled out the set with the following OP kit:

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Name:	OP 02.png 
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Name:	OP 03.png 
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Name:	OP 07.png 
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Name:	OP 08.png 
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Name:	OP 15.png 
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    Top Prize-
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	OP 05.png 
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    I couldn't narrow down the Team Pack entries for two of the characters, Mal and Rance Burgess so here are all six:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	OP 09.png 
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Name:	OP 10.png 
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ID:	8539 ...

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  2. Rocketing to the Top: A Virtual Worlds Blog

    Hello everyone,

    As you can probably tell, I'm not a very regular blogger. I've done most of my team discussions on TRP's "What Have You Played" thread. There's good, bad, and weird teams, shared by multiple players. If you're curious, you can check that thread here:

    This one today, though, requires a deeper delve into team-building. This is the team I built for the Virtual Worlds Tournament, Part Deux. It served me very, very well. There's lots to explain here, and lots to learn.

    The core I built from was as follows:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cwr60medium.jpg 
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Name:	wol32medium.jpg 
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    The way the combo works: Rocket Raccoon deals 1 damage to each player. Cosmic Cube increases the damage to 3. Vicious Struggle triggers to damage my opponent. Cosmic Cube increases Vicious Struggle's damage to 5.

    So ...

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  3. The Twelve Wanted Cards for Christmas (2017 version)

    Here we are - a year later, and what a year it has been for Dice Masters. It's time for an updated Wish List for Santa of the 12 cards I'd like to see next year. But before I get to this year's list, let me recap the wishes from 2016 that the Elves worked (at least in part) to fulfill (spoiler - it was a 'lump-of-coal' year, less than 50%):

    1. When fielded, remove the affiliation from one character until end of turn until end of turn.
    While not exactly what I wished for, I would say this one was fulfilled with Danger Room - Flame-Throwers and Rotating Knives.

    5. While active, remove the keyword ability from a target opposing character.
    There wasn't one card that could be applied to all keyword abilities, but we did have some that targeted specific keywords:
    Heavy Armor BAC (target loses Overcrush)
    Professor Zoom - Out of Time (target loses Fast)
    She-Hulk - Ain't Easy Being Green (target loses Intimidate)
    Two-Face ...
  4. UK WKO Extravaganza!

    Word up fellow Dice Master-ers,

    I know I've not been keeping these summaries up, and it seems like the BritRollerSix blog is all about the podcasting lately, but I assure you we are still as content rich with all the news & info on Dice Masters over here on UK shores.

    Of special note is all the WKO info for our Fall Season of events, with all three England based events done and Scotland's on the way this coming weekend.

    Here's a comprehensive set of links for y'all to all the team lists & tournament reports for your reading pleasure...

    Southampton WKO

    Team Lists:

    Tournament Report - Andy England:

    Tournament Report - Ben Said Scott: ...
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  5. Tournament Report: Our own unofficial WKO - Madrid (Spain)

    As this year we´re not having any fall WKOs in Spain, our friends from decided to organize an unofficial one this past Saturday, so we can have our big Modern Dice Masters tournament and test our skills in this new meta environment.

    I started this write up as a forum post to show the Rare Collector/Nobby team I put up together as it ended working really well, taking me to the first place. Then I got the suggestion to make a complete review of the tournament, so here am I.

    Let´s start with my team:;3x27fus

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4126.JPG 
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    It was based in the combo of Nobby + Rare Danger Room. The idea was to field Collector and buy Danger Room, once you roll the action, field a Nobby with Collector for tons of damage. Got Mimic + Professor X global for ramp and also to crowd my field with sidekicks ...

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