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  1. The Unknown Legends of Dice Masters

    Dave Walsh.
    Dean Leyland.
    Joseph “JT” Horsfall.
    Guillermo Rodri.
    Jared Wood.
    Victor Maya.
    Retro-Matic Gamer

    National Champions, World Champions, The Face of Dice Masters; the reasons that these names are etched on the halls of Dice Masters’ history need little explanation.

    But what about the legends that walk among us? The legends, whose Herculean achievements, remain shrouded in mystery, shock and yes, sometimes even doubt?

    You might be familiar with some of these legendary dice chuckers, like Doctor Count Von Homash, whose decrees used to echo on the pages of this very website but others are buried still.
    This is the story of the Gods who amongst us, the Gods who roll little plastic dice and count miracles among the energy and character faces.

    (What happened to the Count? Well, he was tried and convicted of war crimes in The Hague. His crime? Selling bootleg Yu-Gi-Oh dice.) ...
  2. Sidekick Night Teaching Moment

    At a recent Fall Sidekick Night event, I had the pleasure of teaching a few new players. While explaining the basics of game play, I noted a few points that I would like to share. These will seem common-place to experienced players, but the intent is to help teach the game to newer players without getting bogged-down in complexity.

    Note: most of the teams during this event were very basic: few Global Abilities, Keywords and intricate character/action abilities so as to facilitate the introduction into the game.

    1. Have the player ask themselves before their first roll “What do you want to do?”.
    There are a lot of moving parts in the game of Dice Masters and new players can get overwhelmed very quickly. Before each roll, I paused the active player and asked them this question. If they were hesitant or confused, I helped explain the game state and how their team build fit into it. This stared to get their minds focused on thinking what to do rather ...
  3. Combo Breakdown! Cosmic Cube and Storm

    Good morning everyone, and happy Friday! I just uploaded a new Combo Breakdown where I highlighted the natural combo between Rare Cosmic Cube and Rare Storm! There have already been some great videos discussing how the two cards interact with each other, so rather than rehashing those I my goal was to provide some insight into complementary cards to place around the combo! These include energy fixing globals, reroll globals, an out-of-the-box use of a continuous action die, and a potential infinite combo! Let me know what you think works best with Cube and Storm!
  4. Game Play Advice – Reconnoitering Your Opponent

    Reconnoiter – to make a preliminary survey to gain information
    One of the nice features of Dice Masters is the full disclosure of your opponent’s team. At the start of a match, you know each opposing action and character card's attributes and abilities as well as the number of dice on each. This is a wealth of information to have, but how effectively you process this information can make the difference between winning and losing that match. The following are some things to look at when you sit across from an opposing team build.

    1. Global Abilities
    Since there are only 10 card slots, each is an important resource. For a card to be placed into one of these slots just for the global means that ability is most likely vital to your opponent’s win condition.
    You should are also be evaluating if you can use these opposing global abilities for your team. For example, if during your play testing you dropped a particular card with a global ability ...
  5. Cards Requiring Further Clarification From the Guardians of the Galaxy Set

    Now that many of you have played the latest set (hopefully), the following are a list of intent/interaction questions that require some explanation. Solutions and dialogue are welcomed!

    Adam Warlock - Being Known As Him (C)
    While Adam Warlock is active, your character die's “When fielded” effects trigger twice.

    Questions: How does Adam’s ability interact with abilities that roll the fielded die posing two outcomes based on the roll, i.e. interacting with abilities like Catwoman – Femme Fatale? Would the first roll resolve and then the reroll occurs, regardless of the result of the first roll?

    Catwoman – Femme Fetale:
    When fielded, you may choose to roll this die. If it is a character face, KO target opposing character and leave Catwoman in play on the rolled face. If you roll an energy face, add Catwoman to your Prep Area.
    Knowhere - Hive of Scum and Villainy (U)
    You may spin all character dice in your ...
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