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  1. UK WKO Extravaganza!

    Word up fellow Dice Master-ers,

    I know I've not been keeping these summaries up, and it seems like the BritRollerSix blog is all about the podcasting lately, but I assure you we are still as content rich with all the news & info on Dice Masters over here on UK shores.

    Of special note is all the WKO info for our Fall Season of events, with all three England based events done and Scotland's on the way this coming weekend.

    Here's a comprehensive set of links for y'all to all the team lists & tournament reports for your reading pleasure...

    Southampton WKO

    Team Lists:

    Tournament Report - Andy England:

    Tournament Report - Ben Said Scott: ...
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  2. Tournament Report: Our own unofficial WKO - Madrid (Spain)

    As this year we´re not having any fall WKOs in Spain, our friends from decided to organize an unofficial one this past Saturday, so we can have our big Modern Dice Masters tournament and test our skills in this new meta environment.

    I started this write up as a forum post to show the Rare Collector/Nobby team I put up together as it ended working really well, taking me to the first place. Then I got the suggestion to make a complete review of the tournament, so here am I.

    Let´s start with my team:;3x27fus

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    It was based in the combo of Nobby + Rare Danger Room. The idea was to field Collector and buy Danger Room, once you roll the action, field a Nobby with Collector for tons of damage. Got Mimic + Professor X global for ramp and also to crowd my field with sidekicks ...

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  3. WKO Report: Kosice, Slovakia, 17-19 November 2017

    In an act of extraordinary kindness, our Bratislava-based FLGS, ihrysko, arranged for this Autumn's Central European WKO to be held in the second city, Košice, Metropolis of the East. Such events are usually held in the capital, some 400km to the West, but the organiser, Peter, wanted to support Košice's pretty active DM community. And the venue was my very own language school, The School of Blore 😃

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    It was a three-day extravaganza of Dice Masters and HeroClix. DM started on Friday afternoon with a Modern Constructed side event. This was my main focus, and I've written about it in excruciating detail here. The WKO itself was on Saturday: an all-day War of Light draft (WoL was chosen instead of a newer set to make the cost of entry more accessible). Draft is not really my speciality, but I was quite looking forward to it, as I'd never drafted WoL before, and I'd heard it's good set to draft. ...

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  4. Virtual Tournaments, the Evolution of a Team and the Death of Ultraman

    I’d been playing Ultraman teams competitively for about 9 months. First with Squirrel Girl, Scarecrow and End of Days, then with Front Line and Imprisoned, and most recently with Uncommon Dwiz in Virtual Worlds I and II online tournaments. Perhaps not surprisingly, I’d had enough.

    Squirrel Girl writeup
    Front Line/Imprisoned writeup
    Virtual Worlds I Team
    Virtual Worlds II Team

    It was a bit daft of me to play more or less the same team in VWII as VWI, but it did act as a kind of controlled experiment. The team's win condition was that each successful Kryptonite trigger would give up to two Dwarf Wizards +11 attack and defence and overcrush (assuming both of the opponent's BACs were usable), thanks to the Dwarf’s ability and the Enraged BAC. Meanwhile, the Kryptonite(s) would blank anything annoying (like Ronin) and the Nefarious Broadcast BAC would prevent any global interference (Blink-Transmutation, Mera). And all of this before having ...

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  5. Tournament Report: WKO Maryland

    On Saturday, November 4th, my son and I took a drive down to Maryland for our region's Fall WKO.

    My team:;3x56hhs
    This Brotherhood Infiltrate team is fueled by Mimic copying my sidekick and Captain America providing a reliable way to field sidekicks. The ability to blank two cards (via Blob and Shriek) was great but I would've loved some removal but I just ran out of card slots. Scarlet Witch was my MVP because every team I played expected to boost their damage output from Cosmic Cube but this card just shuts it down like you guys have stated. One card I was not anticipating to see was Doppelganger-Living Fractal. This card really shut down Mimic, slowed my team substantially and was directly correlated to a loss.

    My son's team:;3x51hhs ...
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