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  1. Bardroom Blitz (from the Ohio State PDC) - Part 1

  2. 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' - Silly Fun Tournament Report

    On Saturday, April 17 I played in a special “The Gods Must Be Crazy” tournament that was held at Metal Galaxy Social Games and Bistro in Calgary.

    So what were the rules?
  3. Latest Brit Roller Six Blog Post - Casual Constructed Event Re-Cap, Young's Hobbies

    Good evening folks, (or. y'know, whatever time it is in where you are in the world),

    Here are my latest couple of Wordpress blog posts.

    The first can be found here:

    This is a re-cap of a casual event I participated in on Saturday at Young's Hobbies in Coventry. This was the first time I played down there and gives a wider insight into a slightly different meta than my usual on the UK scene.

    The second is a Team Build article - specifically the team I played at the Saturday event:

    I hope you enjoy the read. I love to get feedback so all comments are welcome here or on the blog site itself.

    Thanks once again for all of your continued support.

  4. News - First Officially Banned Cards!

    Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

    So today, we got the news that WizKids is banning some cards! I never thought I'd see the day of any banned cards, but color me surprised.

    I've written up an article on my blog about it. If you have a moment, stop in and give it a read.

    Also - If you stop by my WordPress blog often, please click the 'Follow' button. I am very thankful for the followers I have and would love to have more!

    Thank you all for reading!

    Roll on, Dice Masters!
  5. Latest Brit Roller Six Blog Post - World's Finest Rainbow Draft Event Re-Cap

    Hey everyone,

    On a landmark day for DiceMasters I have a completely unrelated re-cap of the 'World's Finest' Rainbow Draft I participated in at Element Games, Stockport.

    You'll find it here on my Wordpress page:

    Comments & feedback are always welcome in the comments below or on the page itself.

    Thanks all for reading - your support & readership is hugely appreciated. I hope you enjoy.

    Keep rolling!
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