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  1. Building A Local Scene – Mirror Match-Ups with a Master

    Imagine a scene in a local park, where there are several tables each with a chess set and a seated player intensely studying the board in front of them, and one person standing over a chess board. This person moves a piece on the board, then proceeds to a different player’s board, repeating the process. It’s a situation where several players get a chance to play against a Chess Master.

    A similar approach can be taken with Dice Masters.

    How many players wish they could try-out their ‘Tier 1’ teams against a seasoned veteran? One of the best ways to test such a team is to have a “Mirror Match” against such a veteran player.

    In many stores, there is usually the ‘local champion’ – a person who has successfully competed in a sanctioned tournament, or who is an above average player, i.e. they win most of their games. Many of these competitors also have complete, or near complete, collections of the cards and dice.

    Have one of your ...

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  2. Latest Brit Roller Six Blog Posts

    Hi everyone, how's it going?

    Here's my irregular summary of latest posts on the BritRollerSix blog, with links, that you may be interested in.

    First up - a quick look at the 'The Defenders' team pack spoilers and my initial thoughts:

    Next - a team list post from the last UK WKO of the Winter season that took place this weekend:

    Thanks for reading - I'd love it if you took a moment to rate & comment on the blog post's comments sections with any thoughts.

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  3. The after-game handshake

    Hello, my name is Melissa, and I am not a jerk because I do not want to shake your hand after a game.
    After the completion of a match the two players regularly share a “good game” handshake. I have had many discussions with friends about why I dislike this gesture. I always come off as the jerk of the debate. “You aren’t being very sportsmanlike.”

    Just to give a short background of my experience with sports and sportsmanlike behavior, I played basketball all through elementary school. After a game, you would line up for the after-game handshake. It wasn’t a handshake however, it was a high five, no wait, make that a low five. Hands at hip level, you walk alongside the other team and slap hands. We barely made eye contact. In high school, I ran track. After finishing a race, you would go through a version of an asthma attack after killing your lungs in the burning cold air. We never shook hands. We just walked away and put our sweats back on. So, personally, I never ...
  4. Broken: Cost and Team Building

    I've been TOing Dice Masters at one shop or another since Avengers vs. X-Men came out in April of 2014. I've seen one store close, one group die out, and fought to keep my current group alive and thriving. In a game with missteps and delays, some disappointing sets, and at times a seriously unbalanced meta: it's not an easy task. I've seen players quit over the Jocasta ruling, Bard spam, personal differences, or shiny new games coming out they'd rather play. I'm not badmouthing the game, I'd bet that any game you can walk into a shop and play will have similar problems and just as many players on the edge of walking out and never returning to an event.
    All that to say, I love this game. I love playing this game. I want to see it thrive and have a group and space that I can play this game with others. (also, thank your TO at the next event, because there's so much more that goes into events besides just doing pairings and answering rules question)
    So one of my recent ...
  5. Latest Brit Roller Six Blog Posts

    Hi everyone,

    Following on from the team lists on Sunday - here's a link to my WKO re-cap from the UK event in Manchester this last weekend:

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