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  1. Game Empire (San Diego) PDC Prime Store Championship After Action Report

    We ran our Prime Store Championship last night at Game Empire here in San Diego. We had 7 people turn out - which I am happy with because had to change to a new location about a month back. There were a fair number of the same ramp pieces (Multiple Man & RHC Global for instance) but overall the win conditions had a pretty decent variety.

    Quick run down of my team Ultraman/Kryptonite team:;3x28imw

    The core is playing Kryptonite while Ultraman is active to trigger all 4 BAC. Mine giving me some more dice (hopefully with more kryptonites) and some direct damage.
    Cold Gun I never bought but was there in case I needed to wipe someone's text on my opponent's turn before they attack with something crazy.
    Static was there in case I need to deal with Iron Will characters or ping off something annoying. Only bought him 1 game but he came ...
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  2. 2017 Mexican Nationals

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    If you had told me when I first tore open that Avengers vs X-Men starter set, that one day I'd travel outside the borders of this country, just to play that game, I would not have believed you. It's funny how things work out.

    My journey from an eBay purchase of an out of stock starter kit to playing in Mexico City involves a lot of steps.
    Firstly, I fell in love with that game.
    I played it any chance I could get.
    In search of places to play, I journeyed to destinations like Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.
    I met good people during the course of these journeys.

    One of the destinations was Origins 2016.
    One of the good people was Victor Maya.

    Victor was friendly and welcoming. His full expression of that quality was displayed in his desire for us, the squad that he hung out with at Origins, to come down to Mexico City for 2017 Nationals. Victor offered us a place ...

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  3. Batman Set Review - Part 1

    You may have read my previous set reviews on Dice Anon. Since this part of this set has been spoiled, here is my review for the Batman Set. Note - those Flip cards that only had one side revealed are not reviewed in this article.

    Rather than go through every card, I’ve adjusted this review to cover those cards that have a specific type of ability or attribute that is usually desirable in play or team building. This entails those cards that provide Control, Direct Damage, Die Removal, Ramp/Churn, Cost Reduction effects, are Unblockable, requires your opponent to pay or lose life, or have above average A/D values. Also, at the end of this article I’ve commented on some additional cards that have other noteworthy abilities.

    The letter in parenthesis after the sub-title is the card’s rarity.

    New Keywords:
    Boomerang – Applicable to Action dice. After using this die, roll it. If you roll an [Action] Face, add it to your Prep Area.

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  4. Building A Local Scene – Mirror Match-Ups with a Master

    Imagine a scene in a local park, where there are several tables each with a chess set and a seated player intensely studying the board in front of them, and one person standing over a chess board. This person moves a piece on the board, then proceeds to a different player’s board, repeating the process. It’s a situation where several players get a chance to play against a Chess Master.

    A similar approach can be taken with Dice Masters.

    How many players wish they could try-out their ‘Tier 1’ teams against a seasoned veteran? One of the best ways to test such a team is to have a “Mirror Match” against such a veteran player.

    In many stores, there is usually the ‘local champion’ – a person who has successfully competed in a sanctioned tournament, or who is an above average player, i.e. they win most of their games. Many of these competitors also have complete, or near complete, collections of the cards and dice.

    Have one of your ...

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  5. Latest Brit Roller Six Blog Posts

    Hi everyone, how's it going?

    Here's my irregular summary of latest posts on the BritRollerSix blog, with links, that you may be interested in.

    First up - a quick look at the 'The Defenders' team pack spoilers and my initial thoughts:

    Next - a team list post from the last UK WKO of the Winter season that took place this weekend:

    Thanks for reading - I'd love it if you took a moment to rate & comment on the blog post's comments sections with any thoughts.

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