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  1. Cards Requiring Further Clarification From the Guardians of the Galaxy Set

    Now that many of you have played the latest set (hopefully), the following are a list of intent/interaction questions that require some explanation. Solutions and dialogue are welcomed!

    Adam Warlock - Being Known As Him (C)
    While Adam Warlock is active, your character die's “When fielded” effects trigger twice.

    Questions: How does Adam’s ability interact with abilities that roll the fielded die posing two outcomes based on the roll, i.e. interacting with abilities like Catwoman – Femme Fatale? Would the first roll resolve and then the reroll occurs, regardless of the result of the first roll?

    Catwoman – Femme Fetale:
    When fielded, you may choose to roll this die. If it is a character face, KO target opposing character and leave Catwoman in play on the rolled face. If you roll an energy face, add Catwoman to your Prep Area.
    Knowhere - Hive of Scum and Villainy (U)
    You may spin all character dice in your ...
  2. How to stream your Dice Masters games on YouTube!

    Recently, a friend and I decided to start filming dice masters games that we played over google hangouts and streaming them on YouTube (Shameless Plug:

    Several people have asked me questions about the intricacies of how to do this, so I thought I would put together a little guide with what I have learned. Here's what I know:

    To start with, you'll need a YouTube account. That seems like the most obvious thing I could say, but even if you already have one you should consider making a new one specifically for the purpose of streaming your games. That way you can have people subscribe to it without them having access to your personal account - maybe you don't want to share your viewing history with everyone on the internet! You'll also have a new gmail address which will get all the notifications from this account, so you can keep it separate from your personal email.

    You'll also need ...
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  3. Guardians of the Galaxy Card Review! Part 7

    Part 7 of the card review features Madame Masque, Madame Web, Mantis, Moondragon, Nebula, and Norman Osborne! Tell me what I got right and wrong!
  4. Latest Brit Roller Six Blog posts & Ministry of Dice Podcast episodes

    Hi folks,

    Been a few weeks now since I updated you good TRP folk on the latest posts over on the Brit Roller Six blog:

    First up: Episode 2 & 3 of the Ministry of Dice podcast - where you can hear two bimbling British idiots chatter on about the game (Anglo/American translations provided upon request):

    Episode Two:

    Episode Three:

    Episode three was also accompanied by a companion post that provided a gallery & links to the accessory items we mentioned in the "Gearing Up" segment of the podcast. You can find that here:

    Next up: the written content. Two written ...
  5. Gencon 2017: 3 WKOs and a whole lot of gaming

    I've seen several people on different forums and communities asking about how Gencon went, so I figured I would post my point of view on the experience as a whole. My name is Ryan, I'm from Baton Rouge Louisiana and I've been around the big dicemasters events for the last year and a half or so. This game has taken me across several states, and once, across the US border to Mexico. This was my first year at Gencon, although I've always wanted to make my way there. Overwhelming is a good word to begin to describe it having come from only going to Origins. Being in a building with 70,000 other like-minded people is an experience you rarely get outside of possibly college sports. When I decided to go, I got a double room, hoping to convince someone else to go with me and I was lucky enough to convince my good friend Gary Kondek from Indiana to drive down to the airport, pick me up and hang out with me for the weekend. Gary and I met at origins in 2016, along with several other guys in a draft ...
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