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  1. Vs 2PCG Spoilers Continue: Triton and Quake!

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ID:	7680Hey now, welcome back to another article from our fledgling effort, The Recruit Step, where we talk about another favorite game of ours, Vs 2PCG from Upper Deck!

    If you still haven't given this very fun card game a look, I encourage you to do so. Since it is a 2PCG instead of a traditional CCG/TCG, everything is a fixed set and there is no rarity. Even just starting with the base box offers a lot of fun and a refreshing amount of deck building possibilities that you don't always see in these fixed-set games anymore. It's a blast, whether you are playing at the kitchen table or decide to hit up the big tournaments at places like Origins and GenCon.

    The Monsters Unleashed spoilers continue this week and once again we have to give a big thanks to Mark from UDE for giving us the opportunity to contribute to spoiling this set. The lot of us have been following all of the spoilers as they've been trickling out and, well, it's pretty ...
  2. Play Dice Masters at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA!

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    I will be hosting quick play events at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA.

    On Saturday, September 2nd at 1pm, three types of Quick Play Events will be offered.

    Golden Age, Constructed - $3.00 each
    Modern Age, Constructed - $3.00 each
    Rainbow Draft - $12.00 each

    Each match winner will receive a foil pack and a previous OP prize card.

    Details are located here, Dragon Con Gaming. Just search under "Game System" for "WizKids/NECA Dice Masters". Signing up for the events in advance will let me know how much prize support to bring to the con.

    Memberships (conference badges) are still available. Right now, Saturday Only badges are $50.00. One is required to play in the Dice Masters Quick Play events.

    I hope to see some of you there.


    PS. A special shout out to my FLGS, ...
  3. Latest Brit Roller Six post

    So... we finally did it - we took the leap and started podcasting over on the BritRollerSix blog. Eeek! Nervous!

    Join me, and my co-host, none other than UK National Champ 2017 Andy England, as we ramble our way through the pilot episode. You'll hear us introduce ourselves, set out some plans & intentions, and set up a competition. All with added "British-ness" for that distinctive UK feel.

    You can find it on the blog here:

    We plan on publishing fortnightly - so be sure to click the follow button on the blog or track us down on your favourite podcasting app.
  4. Owlman Aggro Team!

    What's up everyone! I uploaded two games featuring the Owlman aggro team that I've been tinkering around with. Both games are fast-paced and fun to watch! The second game in particular was a blast to cast as the play itself was oftentimes so fast that I had trouble explaining things! Let me know what you think of the Owlman team, what changes you think I should make, and what cards could prove problematic for the team!

  5. Vs System 2PCG Spoiler! *Cyclops* and Mister Immortal

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ID:	7655More spoilers for Monsters Unleashed!

    We have a couple Champions-affiliated Supporting Characters for you today. But - first things first! What's this new blog about?

    Well, in short, we created the username @TheRecruitStep as a place to keep our VS blog posts separate from the front the Dice Masters content. Why The Recruit Step? Well, we need to name out subgroup for VS something. And since we are still moving from casual to somewhat competitive, we figured The Recruit Step conveyed the idea of just starting out. We ourselves are recruits, so to speak. So, yeah here we go. The Reserve Pool presents, The Recruit Step: VS2PCG Coverage.

    We also want to take a moment to thank Upper Deck Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this. You guys rock!

    Alright, Letís get in to the spoilers!

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