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  1. Tournament Report: WKO Maryland

    On Saturday, November 4th, my son and I took a drive down to Maryland for our region's Fall WKO.

    My team:;3x56hhs
    This Brotherhood Infiltrate team is fueled by Mimic copying my sidekick and Captain America providing a reliable way to field sidekicks. The ability to blank two cards (via Blob and Shriek) was great but I would've loved some removal but I just ran out of card slots. Scarlet Witch was my MVP because every team I played expected to boost their damage output from Cosmic Cube but this card just shuts it down like you guys have stated. One card I was not anticipating to see was Doppelganger-Living Fractal. This card really shut down Mimic, slowed my team substantially and was directly correlated to a loss.

    My son's team:;3x51hhs ...
  2. Tournament Report: Comic Hero University, Southern California WKO

    The event was held on Saturday, 11Nov. There were 17 players, playing 5 rounds of Swiss with a cut to Top 8, single elimination.

    General Observations:
    1. Shriek - Sonic Beam was in 14 team builds (most common card), followed by Scarlet Witch, being on 10 teams. The character card Boom Boom was on 12 teams, divided by variation as 8 Meltdown, 3 Time Bomb and 1 Mutate 35. The other popular control cards in frequency were:
    Bishop - Butterfly Effect: 5
    Dwarf Wizard - 4
    Blob - Appetite for Destruction: 4
    Kryptonite - Green Death: 3
    Captain Cold's Cold Gun - Frozen Firearm: 1
    Wonder Woman - Reflections: 1

    2. Other than the control cards listed above, there was not one commonly used team build. This is the first WKO I've played in/judged where there was such a diversity of teams.

    3. Many of the teams had sound tactical builds. The difference between a win or a loss was the timing of dice rolls. ...
  3. Tournament Report: Vancouver, BC WKO

    I was happy to participate in my draft WKO in Lacey, WA the previous weekend but the thing that excited me most about WKO season was playing constructed, so I prepared to head across the border into unknown territory and see what things were like in the frozen north.

    The Vancouver WKO was held at Magic Stronghold Games in Vancouver BC. We had 7 people participating, 5 regulars plus me and my buddy Brandon from the US. The local players were very welcoming to us foreigners and also happy to have more participants, and made me feel right at home.

    With only 7 players, we were all already in the top 8, but we decided to play 3 rounds of swiss and then do a top 4 cut so that everyone got to play in a few more games.

    My team:

    I tested a few teams out against my partner in YouTube crime James, but he ...
  4. Revisiting the Golden Age: The Yu-Gi-Oh Set

    “Hey Willie. The store owner found an old Yu-Gi-Oh gravity feed in the back. Should I buy it?”

    While some may say the cards only playable in a Golden format aren’t worth your money, or a particular set like Yu-Gi-Oh doesn’t fit into a Superhero or D&D universe, that doesn’t mean such a set is lacking any good team-building cards.

    This article examines the significant cards from the now Golden format Yu-Gi-Oh set. These are cards that were commonly used in team builds because they had a significant ability or were great support tech. Also, many of these cards would find a place in the Modern format team builds of today.

    Breaker the Magical Warrior - Mana Break
    When summoned, you may move an action die from the field to its used pile.
    This was the first card that enabled the removal of an Action die. For a time, it was used primarily against Millennium Puzzle, but when Lantern Ring burst onto the scene, the stock ...
  5. Combo Breakdown Double Feature: Collector Edition!

    Hey everyone! I made a Combo Breakdown video featuring two of the many crazy things that you can do with the Collector! The video contains two different team lists (one of which I realized is very similar to the list James Blore ran on a recent video), so let me know what you think of them both!

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