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  1. You choose the theme 1: Ice and Halloween

    First up we have ice as a theme. The game has a lot of characters that fit the theme in a really loose way, enough so that I didn't think I could fit all of them and still be able to have a coherent wincon. However, I did notice a recurring theme with a lot of ice characters - they're bolt energy type, and iceman gives you all the bolts you need to both push lantern ring to lethal, but also make multiple purchases in a turn - so as generic as it is the obvious wincon is Lantern Ring. Outside of that, Mr.Freeze can lock dice, Captain Cold's gun blanks cards and also provides bolts if necessary. Killer Frost is mostly a character to provide masks for PXG which we'll be using to get extra dice to turn into bolts with iceman, she's also extremely situational removal. Captain Cold can prevent blockers so Frost Giant can push his attack in, and we have ourselves a frost themed team. BACs are Res for additional ramp since we have some hefty purchases and Cone of Cold because it fits the theme. ...
  2. Get good, scrub.

    The first step to getting good at anything is being bad at it. This is not a bad thing. You all suck, every last one of you. I do too, but at least I know it. Acknowledgement is key. Knowing you suck means you have room to improve, and if you have room to improve you're not the best, and if you're not the best you're absolutely terrible. I know this sounds like a lot of negativity, but this is honestly the healthiest mindset you can have. Think about it. If you assume you're good, you make yourself prone to laziness. Why would a player that knows he is great feel like he needs to test all the time? He's already great, he won't gain anything. Wrong. Wake up each day, look yourself in the mirror, tell yourself how horrible you are. You are trash. You are scum. You need to improve. Need is more powerful than want. If you want to be good at anything you're doing it wrong. You need to need it like you need a healthy breakfast.

    Did you qualify for Nationals? I did. Not good ...
  3. Dr.Strange love or how I learned to stop worrying and love The Hulk. A WKO blog

    For those only interested in reading about the tournament ctrl+f Dice Dojo.

    Friday - was a 7 hour bus trip into Chicago. Got in late, wasn't even fully settled into my motel 'til about 10:30. Ordered pizza and crashed. Absolutely boring day nothing to read here.

    - I went out to do some site seeing. Chicago is a beautiful city with lots of interesting places to go, so I didn't get to see everything I wanted to see. We went down to lake Michigan and found "my lucky gnome". It was some weird graffiti on the beach, and I don't know if I would have qualified without it. Did some research and it was apparently put there by a game named Juan, for his girlfriend. Thanks Juan, you're probably totally dreamy. After that it was off to Lou Malnati's for some lunch. The appetizer was actually better than the pizza. The Museum of Surgical Science sounded like the best possible thing to look at after lunch, so I check it out. Lots of cool stuff, and ...
  4. The hype before the storm.

    This is going to be stream of conscience and probably pretty incoherent. The WKO isn't until Sunday, but I have to have my stuff packed tonight to catch the bus tomorrow. I have a matter of hours left to decide on the team to bring and I am within 2 cards of knowing my build. I've got the pre-pre-game jitters, though I feel it's better to get the tummy rumbles out now rather than later. I am confident that I can qualify, but winning seems like a stretch. I'm not beating up on myself, just being realistic about the odds. I have the confidence and a fair amount of skill, but I know there are some really good players going to the open in Chicago. I've got this.

    I will not be able to keep a blog during the tournament, but I will definitely do a write up.

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  5. PDC KS, part 2 - electric boogaloo

    I meant to take my tablet so I could blog between rounds. I forgot my tablet, but I took some notes on how things went.

    First off, the team.;3x136bff is what I decided to pilot. Not the most fine tuned thing in the universe.

    I forgot most of the guys' last names. Sorry for that. If any of these are you, hi.

    Round 1, Bob
    So knowing going into the tournament my team had 1 glaring weakness. I didn't expect to run into it at all today. This was it. It's a mask based team with Raven, and I am a control team that forgot what a Prismatic Spray is. I got an early Magneto down to counter his Lantern Ring but once he had a Raven online I had 0 ways to meaningfully interact with him. I didn't expect this match, I got crushed. Probably the worst way to start the tournament, but no salt.

    Round 2, Dan
    Dan was ...
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