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  1. Fun.

    Hey y'all!

    So 2016 is here and we are finally back to having all our favourite regular content here on the TRP site! I for one am super stoked to be getting the TRP Podcast back! This also means I am going to continue my blogs here on the site. Today's post is geared towards the FUN we all have with this sweet game!

    Fun. Kind of an abstract notion really. The things that I enjoy might not be what get you going and that's OK. This game has a lot to offer all sorts of players, from the "Timmy"s who want the big smash-your-face wins to the "Johnny"s that want to show you cool interactions they've concocted there is something for everyone!

    Me, I'm a little bit of Johnny and a little bit of Spike all rolled into one. I love to brew and find cool ways to use my cards, but I'm also all about making those interactions mean something within the game or my local meta. Fun for me comes in two areas for me; building my teams and playing ...
  2. Mixing It Up

    Hey there folks!

    I'd like to start today by saying congrats to all of you who placed or won at your PDC events! Well done! If you haven't had a chance to go to an event, get your butts in gear! These events are great fun and a great way to see what's happening in your local meta-game. So far I've played two and the atmosphere was great all around. Also I'd like to add a resounding GOOD LUCK! to those who are playing in the upcoming weeks.

    So todays topic is 'Mixing It Up'. What do I mean? Well, I mean your local meta! Here's where we'll start.

    For the first few weeks I played Dicemasters, my wife and I were playing together at our LGS. There was (and still is) a relatively small group of people who just came and played. Our only variation at the time was either play Limited or Unlimited Constructed. I have to admit, things seemed a little stale. Our regular TO spoke to some people outside our local area and suddenly things changed. ...
  3. Sportsmanship.

    Hello again dice chuckers!

    With my first PDC event this season in books and another on the horizon, which is the same case for many of you I'm sure, I wanted to take a little time to talk about sportsmanship. In particular, I want to talk to you about my sportsmanship and tell you how I am dealing with a really tough day.

    For starters I want to mention the games I played, I played well and was able to recognize and learn from my mistakes. I also want to mention that I am not, I say again, I AM NOT trying to belittle anyone's achievement or ability.

    Today, I missed the cut to Top 4 for our Store Championship. Let me tell you how this came about.

    We had nine entries into today's PDC event. This gave us one bye per round of Swiss in what should have been four rounds of Swiss play. Instead our TO was a little concerned about the length of time the event might take and cut the Swiss to three rounds. Here is where the tricky part begins. ...
  4. Power.

    Hey guys, this is my first blog on here so if it seems rambly, just let me know.

    What I wanted to talk about today was the overwhelming sense I have that the general consensus of the population is to "nerf" the power level of the game. Even the WizKids rules forum states "When in doubt, choose the 'weaker' option" on their judge guidance forum.

    Well I say NAY!

    Many of us came to this game from Magic and many more will follow, unless, that is, every team is reletively the same. If the meta gets stagnant because we don't want to accept the changes new and powerful cards force upon us we will not garner new players but rather lose the ones we have over time.

    WHOA! You might say, there are plenty of new things.... Well, yes. There is, but let me give you an example.

    Lantern Ring: Limited Only by Imagination

    Before the ruling from Salt Lake (I think....) I had heard ...