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  1. A Bat among Bards: how Batman made the Top 8 in a WKO

    Hello everyone,

    I've been asked by some people to do a blog about the team I brought to the Ottawa WKO, March 27.

    Now, I won't go in too much detail about the WKO itself except for my own matches: we already have 2 great bloggers who covered the Open from start to finish. You can find Judgemental's blog here: You can find Ajeddy's blog here: Both are terrific reads.

    So anyway. Among the Bards and the standard competitive decks, if you check the Top 8 for that tournament, there's one little deck that sticks out: a Batman Family deck that kind of came out of nowhere. Well, actually, it came out of my odd little mind.

    You see, as most players who know me will agree, I'm not a typical deck builder. I like to do different decks, and ...