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  1. On Statistical Anomalies and Tilt - Big Bang, Owensboro, KY WKO 2/11/17

    After the last WKO in Springfield, MO, I wanted to run something more fun than the chess-like Bard Control team I ran last time. I experimented with FUS Beholder and Storm: Wind Rider, and Beast: Genetic Expert and OP Kitty Pride, but wasn’t ever happy with the performance of either team in the face of Elf Thief, Oracle, Dwiz, Imprisoned, et al. Combo teams always lie close to the center of my heart, and I eventually decided it would be fun to try out the Improved Apologies in Advance team that’s been making the rounds.

    After a lot of back and forth with @Jthomash2 , @IsaacBV , @Shadowmeld , and @TheConductr , the problem I kept running into is that I always felt like I needed 9 cards on the team. Since the original variations ran three support globals (PXG, BEWD, and Chalkboard), and a backup win condition (Bard), you’re only left with three flex slots to account for protecting ...
  2. WKO Results - Springfield, MO

    Springfield, MO WKO
    Meta-Games Unlimited
    12 November 2016
    18 Players
    5 Rounds Swiss, 30 min matches best of one
    Cut to top 8, 50 min matches best of three

    My team:;3x136bff

    With the release of Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard global in GAF, I was interested in exploring the limits of “reactionary” control. If I ran predominantly 3 cost and below control cards, I could theoretically figure out my opponent’s next buy and pop out the appropriate control next turn. Bard is an easy win condition for that sort of team, and I was heavily inspired by the UK Nats team in @whisperni ’s statistics on win rates ( and ...