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  1. Reading the Rainbow - Part 1 The Economy

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    DC is here!
    As such, I felt it was a good time to discuss the Drafting that we will all hopefully be doing over the next month or so. I plan to do a series over the next few weeks where I analyze a draft and many of it's decision points. I have documented my Gravity Feed opening as if it was being drafted and plan to give you analysis from each player's perspective. I will also be talking about the DC meta-game in general, as well as giving you guys a chance to pick the cards each player drafts. Now onto the meat!

    Let me tell you, DC is a tricky draft. We have a small number of 2 drops, all who have better 3 drop faces. We have some scary good 4 and 5 drops, and not a whole lot of 6+ drops worth our time. Oh, and don't forget those fielding costs, because DC is rampant with 1+ costs on even level 1 faces. With this totally skewed Economy what ever are we to do? Well, before we even look at our packs or the rainbow, before we even ...

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