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  1. Broken: Cost and Team Building

    I've been TOing Dice Masters at one shop or another since Avengers vs. X-Men came out in April of 2014. I've seen one store close, one group die out, and fought to keep my current group alive and thriving. In a game with missteps and delays, some disappointing sets, and at times a seriously unbalanced meta: it's not an easy task. I've seen players quit over the Jocasta ruling, Bard spam, personal differences, or shiny new games coming out they'd rather play. I'm not badmouthing the game, I'd bet that any game you can walk into a shop and play will have similar problems and just as many players on the edge of walking out and never returning to an event.
    All that to say, I love this game. I love playing this game. I want to see it thrive and have a group and space that I can play this game with others. (also, thank your TO at the next event, because there's so much more that goes into events besides just doing pairings and answering rules question)
    So one of my recent ...
  2. Team Sealed Format

    So Stuart, aka TheConductr, told me about an idea to do a team sealed Dice Masters event a while back. I took his idea to the guys at my FLGS, they liked it, so we got it scheduled. We played at Ground Zero Comics in Tyler, TX last week.
    The setup: 3 players register as a team. At the event they get 45 boosters, open them as a group, and build the best 3 teams they can from what they get. Then the teams decide who is A, B and C. The team gets paired against another team and A plays A, B plays B, C plays C.
    So let's just get this part out of the way: Deadpool is a bit of an underwhelming set in my opinion. I've heard that opinion from others, and it's not really suited well to Rainbow Draft in my opinion. It wasn't great for this format, but this report is about our event, not the Deadpool set.

    So we had five teams register, our shop gave a discounted registration fee to teams that paid in advance, and because of how much product this format requires, ...

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