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  1. What if... I changed the Dice Masters product line?

    Over in the TMNT Spoiler thread there was a discussion about everyone’s surplus of sidekick dice and not needing so many in every starter set. @pk2317 responded with this:

    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
    announced at GAMA that future sets may not include a Starter for the reasons mentioned.
    It had never even occurred to me that we could possibly get a new set without a starter. It has been suggested Wizkids combine the starter and collector's box into one product. PK's quote got me thinking how I would change the current Dice Masters product line.

    Issues with the current products

    Current Starter Sets:
    Technically the starter set comes with enough for two people to play, but it's not really an ideal game. Established players only want the 10 basic actions, and the character cards with their dice. Of those character cards, if you’re not a collector, you may only need one or two of them. I would eliminate the current starter ...