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  1. Dice Up Your Life: Pauper/Little Cup

    Variety, they say, is the spice of life. Cliche though that may be, it is also rooted in fact. Keeping things varied is certainly important in your Dice Masters scene. People tire of nothing but drafts, especially when they don't feel that they need more packs. People tire of unlimited in a relatively settled meta. Make some changes, have some fun, and give new things a try.

    Here's how we're doing pauper.
  2. Dice Up Your Life: Liftoff

    My side project finally has life. Join me through the trials and tribulations of building a new scene at Finally, I met the right people. I take you through the first meeting of our core group as well as some thoughts for those fledgling scenes. You can read all about that in the newest post.

    I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  3. I return, with a new project.

    I have a zest for Dice Masters once more, and a new project to boot.

    Have a look-see:

    You might be wondering why this project isn't on TRP. Fear not - note that I'm here, that I'm posting this here, and that I talk to the team pretty much every day. You'll be seeing/hearing me around here. I also thought that it was important to add to the volume of the community presence for the game - the more advocates, the better. This is all affiliated in some form.

    However, I can't do set reviews anymore, not like I did. Those podcast sessions were absolutely brutal - both the editing and the recording. (Not Evan's fault - there were like 100 cards to go over!) Things like trying to juggle all of the information while also being the point person for a game store that was an hour away started to get like a chore and I let that get in the path of enjoying the game. No more!

    DUYL is about an attempt to build up a scene ...
  4. A New Beginning

    During the morning tomorrow, we'll begin the process of transitioning to the new website.

    Everything will look very different, but will be far more community oriented than a blog can be. Please jump into discussion on our forums! Please contribute to the community wiki! You can even make your own blog (with the possibility of having your articles featured on the main page) or participate in a Dice Masters ladder both Vassal- and Video-based. And that's just the stuff that's ready for launch!

    Register for the site, explore it all and be a part of it, because we all want to hang out together and make the best Dice Masters community that we can.

    Thank YOU for helping us get to this point.

    I'd also like to thank Ken for having the idea to get us in this direction in the first place (and then helping us MAKE it happen), ...
  5. Podcast 45: Theme Teams

    Continuing the light tone from last week, Dave and Evan discuss recent gaming exploits as well as their plans for Nationals. Then, we dig in to some long-past-due mailbag items, including a look into the balance between lighter and heavier topics. Finally, we discuss one of those light topics - putting together fantastical teams based on different themes, what we consider when doing so, and an example or two! Listen at the end of the show for a breakdown of our Nationals coverage!

    Want to correspond?

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