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  1. Inside the Game - A/D Value Modifiers

    In every set there are several cards with an ability that modifies the A and/or D values of a character die (e.g. +1A and +1D). Frequently, questions arise during game play on the application of these modifiers such as "how do I know when the modifier is either active or removed?"

    There are two types of A/D value modifiers: static and applied. This article explains the various ways to identify which type of modifier is being applied and some methods on how to remember each one.

    Static Modifiers
    When a modifier is applied to a recipient character die from a specific source, it is called a static modifier. Note: sometimes these are also called Continuous modifiers. Either way, the two terms are synonymous. For this type of modifier, the bonus or penalty remains on the recipient character die until the source - i.e. the die, ability or dependent game state - is removed from play or no longer in effect. A static modifier can be determined ...
  2. Inside the Game - Forced Rerolling

    This edition of Inside the Game looks at those Modern format cards whose abilities force an opponent to reroll their dice or preventing an opponent from rerolling.

    This control aspect of the game can be very disruptive to your opponent. It’s also a die removal tactic that is often overlook because of other more direct abilities. An additional benefit is that some of these reroll effects are non-targeting die removal. But there is also the risk of improving your opponent’s position (e.g. a character die lands on a higher level or a face with a burst symbol).

    Each card's pros and cons will be listed so as to help you decide what you want to include in your team build.

    Average purchase cost
    Decent A values, so your opponent must think twice before not blocking Black Cat to avoid potentially removing their blocker
    Initiated only if blocked
    Above average TFC


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  3. The Twelve Wanted Cards for Christmas (2017 version)

    Here we are - a year later, and what a year it has been for Dice Masters. It's time for an updated Wish List for Santa of the 12 cards I'd like to see next year. But before I get to this year's list, let me recap the wishes from 2016 that the Elves worked (at least in part) to fulfill (spoiler - it was a 'lump-of-coal' year, less than 50%):

    1. When fielded, remove the affiliation from one character until end of turn until end of turn.
    While not exactly what I wished for, I would say this one was fulfilled with Danger Room - Flame-Throwers and Rotating Knives.

    5. While active, remove the keyword ability from a target opposing character.
    There wasn't one card that could be applied to all keyword abilities, but we did have some that targeted specific keywords:
    Heavy Armor BAC (target loses Overcrush)
    Professor Zoom - Out of Time (target loses Fast)
    She-Hulk - Ain't Easy Being Green (target loses Intimidate)
    Two-Face ...
  4. Tournament Report: Comic Hero University, Southern California WKO

    The event was held on Saturday, 11Nov. There were 17 players, playing 5 rounds of Swiss with a cut to Top 8, single elimination.

    General Observations:
    1. Shriek - Sonic Beam was in 14 team builds (most common card), followed by Scarlet Witch, being on 10 teams. The character card Boom Boom was on 12 teams, divided by variation as 8 Meltdown, 3 Time Bomb and 1 Mutate 35. The other popular control cards in frequency were:
    Bishop - Butterfly Effect: 5
    Dwarf Wizard - 4
    Blob - Appetite for Destruction: 4
    Kryptonite - Green Death: 3
    Captain Cold's Cold Gun - Frozen Firearm: 1
    Wonder Woman - Reflections: 1

    2. Other than the control cards listed above, there was not one commonly used team build. This is the first WKO I've played in/judged where there was such a diversity of teams.

    3. Many of the teams had sound tactical builds. The difference between a win or a loss was the timing of dice rolls. ...
  5. Revisiting the Golden Age: The Yu-Gi-Oh Set

    “Hey Willie. The store owner found an old Yu-Gi-Oh gravity feed in the back. Should I buy it?”

    While some may say the cards only playable in a Golden format aren’t worth your money, or a particular set like Yu-Gi-Oh doesn’t fit into a Superhero or D&D universe, that doesn’t mean such a set is lacking any good team-building cards.

    This article examines the significant cards from the now Golden format Yu-Gi-Oh set. These are cards that were commonly used in team builds because they had a significant ability or were great support tech. Also, many of these cards would find a place in the Modern format team builds of today.

    Breaker the Magical Warrior - Mana Break
    When summoned, you may move an action die from the field to its used pile.
    This was the first card that enabled the removal of an Action die. For a time, it was used primarily against Millennium Puzzle, but when Lantern Ring burst onto the scene, the stock ...
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