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  1. I Ran a Pretty Sweet Event the Other Weekend

    So, at the store I judge at (Victory Comics in Falls Church, VA), I created a format for an event we were having, with ultra OP-card prize kits for 1st-10th or so places, with 1st getting almost 15 or so, mostly prize, not participation, Marvel OP cards from the first OP set released, from what we've had left over, since we're just not really getting into running events weekly.

    I figured that Dice Masters is already cheaper than drafting or doing a sealed in Magic or HeroClix, and it WAS a super large prize pool, so it wasn't totally unreasonable to have a slightly higher buy in.

    First of all, it was a hybrid where you could bring 2 cards with a max 6 dice spread between them, with no minimum or maximums other than what the card says (so you could do 2-4, 3-3, whatever), and on your final team after drafting, you have to at least keep 4 dice from the 6 with the two cards, spread how you like, and can add dice to the cards if you pull them. You had to choose ...
  2. Too Stoked for Zen Bins

    So I've already posted my current method of collection in the galleries, but I will re-link it here. No reason to waste my bandwidth, and TRP's server space re-uploading the same pictures: [url][/url] .

    I actually really like it a lot, but I do have the problem of having to sometimes take out and put back in every last dice of a set (keep Marvel and DC in separate "bins") when I'm looking for the last one die, so it'll be nice to have dice of a feather sticking together - I'm so sorry for that. I've also definitely been looking for a way to carry my decks. Right now, I use one of those hard plastic double boxes with the 2 inserts that come out (not an official Wizkids Dice Masters boxes per set), and with 12 total cards for a deck (8 main, 2 BACs, 2 colors), I can fit 2 decks worth of sleeved cards and dice in each, including the basic action dice. If I just put in one deck and its 26 total dice into a half-box ...

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