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  1. Behind The Dice - A look at local stores and the TO's that run events

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    Hello Dice Masters Fans, and welcome to the first article in our new series, Behind The Dice, where we will be profiling event TO's and the stores where they run events. Since this is a new series, I thought the best place to start would be the stores that I play at in Austin, Texas Mothership Books and Games and Dragons Lair. These two stores are a mere 6 miles apart, but work together in supporting the Dice Masters Community. Their TOs, Matthew Jasek (Mothership) and Chris Fedor (DLair), have known each other for years, and strive to create the best possible scenes for their players. Below is an interview that I had with both of them about DM and their individual stores.

    What got you into dice masters?
    (Matt J.) I played HeroClix several players in our group were excited to try out the new game from WizKids when it first came out. I never could get a starter but I was able to borrow dice ...