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  1. Life and Dice Masters - April 2016

    ďI finally know the difference between going back and going home.Ē Ė Butch Walker

    Itís been a while. Letís recap. I was not happy with Dice Masters and stopped playing last summer. I even began selling off my collection. My best friend, JT, roped me back in a bit, as well as my kids; constantly asking when we were going back to the card shop. As long as he was already going to an event, Iíd tag along. I stopped buying product, except when necessary for rainbow drafts, and immediately gave the cards and dice I drafted to JT and my children. It looked as if WizKids began taking the quality of their product a bit more seriously, and we havenít had any printing issues like with Age of Ultron. Even the wording on cards has gotten better, (not perfect, but better). So I stuck true to the reason I quit, saw improvements, and started playing again. After all, the game is fun. I have no plans to be as heavily invested in the game as I once was. I was having fun playing in events ...
  2. Character Study for Jinzo, Trap Destroyer

    Letís not beat around the bush, Jinzo, Trap Destroyer is a pain to play against. When youíre building a new team, you cannot prepare for everything. There have to be some characters or combos you just say, ďWell, Iíll have to grind out a win if I run in to that.Ē But if that Ďsomethingí you donít have an answer for is Jinzo, your team is not viable. You either need to be using Jinzo, or have a specific contingency plan for facing Jinzo. If your current local meta does not have Jinzo in the mix, and you plan on competing at WKO Regionals, Nationals, or Worlds, I suggest you start playtesting and practicing on how to deal with him.

    I know some of you are saying, ďBut Randy, Jinzo wasnít even in the top 10 cards used at PDC events. How can you say itís so strong?Ē

    Well, Iíve got some numbers of my own. Letís take a look back in time. When Yu-Gi-Oh Dice Masters came out, it was the third released set, after Avengers vs X-Men and Uncanny X-Men. So, there ...

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  3. Why My Best Friend Is A Jerk

    Society is a mixed bag when it comes to admitting your faults and mistakes. Even more so when you simply change your mind on something. Let me show you a few examples from the past week:

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Name:	Cam-Newton-MVP-01-07-06.jpg 
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ID:	4441Cam Newton. Heís the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. He just lost the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl this year was a defensive slugfest that saw both teamsí offenses struggle. After the game, Cam Newton walked across the field, shook hands with his opponent, and went in to the locker room. He was very short with the media, and walked out on answering their questions. Heís a self-admitted sore loser, while being a very flamboyant winner. A large portion of the media, and sports fans alike, are ripping him to shreds over being a sore loser. He tries to justify not jumping on a live ball that he had fumbled, by saying, ďI didnít dive on one fumble because the way my leg was (positioned). It could have been contorted in a way. You say my effort? I didnít dive down. ...
  4. Dice Masters and Parenting: The Conundrum

    Sometimes, Iím a great parent. There are days I take the kids outside, jump on the trampoline, run around the yard, and give them totally undivided attention (well, undivided among the 4 of them). I try to teach them the importance of helping others and why we help others. I make them try to accomplish something themselves, but if they still cannot do it, I will help them. They must always try something new, whether thatís a new food at dinner, or sticking their hands in finger paints. I try to involve them in the things I do, instead of just telling them to ďgo away, Iím busyĒ. But before you pat me on the back, let me tell you how Iím a terrible parent. I lose my mind over the dumbest things, like standing too close to the TV. I donít always involve them in the things I do. Sometimes I do tell them to ďgo away, Iím busyĒ. Sometimes I lie to them when itís convenient. ďNope, I donít know where that movie is. Pick a different one.Ē And sometimes I feel guilty, like Iím letting them down, ...
  5. Randy's Blog - VS System 2PCG Review

    See. I'm not gone. Just doing other things... Like trying this game out.

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Name:	marvel-vs-box-83865_1.jpg 
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ID:	2826All I knew about the new VS System LCG (Technically called ďVS System 2-Player Card GameĒ, or 2PCG for short) was that it featured Marvel superheroes, and was an LCG. While not called an LCG, or Living Card Game for those unaware, itís an LCG for all intents and purposes. That means itís not collectible. Everything comes in one set. Most LCGs, this one included, follow the model of releasing known expansions a couple times per year. While youíre not spending tons of money on booster packs or singles online, you are dropping $20-30 every other month or so.

    The VS System by Upper Deck actually has a long and complicated history. In a nutshell, Upper Deck created the VS System collectible card game years ago, featuring Marvel, DC, Hellboy, and various other properties. Marvel and DC were the most prominent. There were lots of complaints about the balance and ...
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