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  1. Pimp my Dice!!! - Where to start and whats out there?

    Hey there, i want to start a series , to talking and presenting about stuff you can use beside playing this really cool game we all talking about here on TRP.

    What i am talking about are organizers, boxes, binders , dice towers, playmats and many many more things.
    I will talk in later Articles abou different stuff in detail, like: "Should i used sleeves? and if so, which should i put on my holy cards?!?" or "Playmats are a cool thing, you want some too? Ofcourse you do!" or such as "Whats your Tournament gear to be the elite fighter in the ring? I'll show youu!"

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    So today i will show you a glimpse of this madness and crazyness that you can put in to pimp your Dice Masters Stuff to the max!

    The first will be my own project i carried with me for a half year. My Dice Masters Toolbox.
    Its selfmade from stuff you can buy in your normal toolmarket