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  1. Woes of a dying community.

    I am from the Melbourne, FL community and I have to accept my community is nearly dead. Some of you may read this and wonder why? Well, there are many reasons, but it's fairly obvious at this point, when I am lucky to get another player or 2 to show up. So I would like to highlight what killed my community so that others may learn from this. Keep in mind, my community was 16+ strong for a good while. So much so that we could have won the Regionals by default if we had tried.

    1.) Responsibilities. I understand family, jobs, and other hobbies require time. This was the case for a few of my players, one has dedicated his time to college and I wish him the best of luck. 3 other players balance this game and others so there are times where they just aren't available. This is a tough one to get around, because you can't really. Somethings come first period. I would say always try to shoot for days that work for everyone.

    2.) Collectors. I know specifically 4 players ...
  2. Delayed Blast Fireball vs Bard re-examination

    Ever since D&D's second set came out with these two cards, players have asked many times who goes off first. The majority have always believed that Bard's boost would apply before the Fireball's damage. I have always fell in the minority believing that DBF would damage characters before the Bard's boost would apply.

    Now considering this question still pops up, one has to wonder why. It should be clear regardless of which side the person falls on. After examining the debate (and being a part of it many times over), I fully understand both side's arguments pretty well and after coming across 2 BACs, I can confidently say that Delayed Blast Fireball actually goes off before Bard.

    "What!? " To understand why, we need to examine all the pieces: the Delayed Blast Fireball card, why people think Bard goes first, and the character and 2 BAC cards that support my side.

    First off, Delayed Blast Fireball.

  3. Dice Masters League Central FL

    I have started a thread over in the event sub-forum, but I thought I would post here as well just to get the info out there.

    Join us for Week 1 of the 12 week league.

    How the league works:
    League entry is one time $5. this will build the league final pool. 100% goes to the pool. You can enter league at any time during the 12 weeks.

    We have a league tracker spreadsheet that I will update the standings in every Sunday and post.

    Each Sunday we will run a new constructed format event. The normal 2 booster pack entry will apply to these events so that we can have prizes on Sunday.

    The format that runs on Sunday is valid until the next Saturday night at store close. You can meet at anytime during the week and play any other league participant (that you haven't played yet that week) and just report your results to me.

    For every match you play, you will earn 2 points for a win, 1 point for a loss.

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  4. WKO Fl regionals!

    Just letting everyone know, that you can call up the DaVinci's Dreamwork 2 in Jensen Beach, FL to register for the second WKO in Florida. 2 Slots have already been taken. Who will fill the other 30? I look forward to playing whoever is able to make it.

    Their phone number is 772-225-2295.
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  5. The Dragon's Rage: Monkey See, Monkey Do not so well.

    I have seen and heard many things between here and the DiceMasters Reddit, as well as at actual events. Some good some bad. Some of what I have seen and heard has been the same thing over and over. As such, what better way to deal with it, than rant! This is a gripe and rant blog. If I upset you, please understand this is to get my frustrations vented so they don't cloud my word choice in the forums.

    Without further ado...The Dragon's Rage.

    With the recent PDC events and Regionals creeping up, I was hoping to see a variety of well made and competitive teams. While there were some interesting teams, like Shadowmeld's, I saw Guy Gardner...EVERYWHERE!

    I get it. He's a very potent aggro card, but he's not the win all approach. We have over a 1000 different cards to choose from (not including BACs), and 80 - 90% of the players use Guy and Miri for a competitive team? What a waste. A bloody waste.

    For those of you who were not playing ...