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  1. Theme Teams (fantasy only)- The Mean Fiends

    Hello and welcome to a new series of blogs I'm working on. After being burnt out with all the bard meta at worlds, I thought to myself its time to have some fun and get back to my creative roots. So I joined my first weekly league event that was happening at a store and try to experiment with some tech ideas and themes without the worry of the go to meta cards. And I thought it be something fun to share with the community.

    League restrictions:
    DND BFF, Yu gi oh series 1, and DND FUS only
    Broken bard is band
    Elf thief is also band

    bonus achievement points:
    1/all yu gi oh cards
    2/all dnd cards
    3/ 6 adventurers on a team

    Team Workshop:
    So with the restrictions to dnd and yu gi oh only, the most obvious choice of team for me was Dragons. Buuuuttt I figured everyone here would try dragons and i'm sure people in california are tired of my scorch earth strategy, so its time to look at a different theme ...