• DC World's Finest Starter Video Review: Characters (part 3)

    In this installment of the DC Dice Masters Starter Review, we return to the Batman Family and take a look at two of my favorite sets of characters from the starter: Harvey Bullock and Oracle. Bullock shines thanks to a set of very fun mechanics, and Orcale.... Oracle may be my favorite character card to ever come out of a Starter Set.

    Thanks again to the wonderful people at WizKids!

    Check back early next week for our FINAL installment of this video series. We're saving the big guy himself for last and return to Team Superman with Steel and Superman!

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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      I completely agree with you that all of the Oracle cards are great and game changing, especially Master Investigator. For me, I think that Master Investigator will be the safety net I want to bring when I'm experimenting with fielding more and more Global cards in my team.