• All About the Bad Guys

    So we've talked about Team Superman and the Batman Family. That's all well and good, but as enjoyable as it is to see them fighting each other, we all know that ultimately they're on the same side. They're going to work together and resolve their differences so they can fight the real bad guys: the Villains.

    The Villains actually take up nearly half the set, and none of them are found in the Starter. Because we are feeling a little Villainous ourselves, we're actually not going to show you all the cards. Many of them have already been spoiled by other sources, and you can find those in our Wiki. For the rest, well, isn't it nice to still have something unexpected to find in your packs?

    We've broken the Villains down into Batman Villains (covered by @flexei), and everyone else - Superman Villains, Crime Syndicate, and our favorite Super Rares, the Black Lanterns. We'll show you the Uncommon and Rare (or Super Rare) versions and give you our thoughts on them. Without further ado, the Villains!

    Batman's Villains


    Starting off, we have one of my favorite cards in the set I've seen so far. Being a fan of fists, Bane is very appealing thanks to his fist taunt global. We now have a taunt global for fist, mask, and bolt energy. Bane also has some really nice bruiser stats making him a formidable meat wall for your opponent's attackers to run into and force to be reckoned with he attacks.

    The uncommon, Venom Enhanced gives a villain team an effective means of bag churn, but with Bane's 6 cost, to get him out quickly and effectively, you would likely already have some other form of ramp available. He's an interesting utility card, but not a must-add.

    The rare, Genius Tactician on the other hand feels like a must-play card. The appropriately named card lures your opponent's characters into Bane's trap and makes their controller pay the price. Bane will make a great counter to Guy rush teams if you can survive long enough to get him out and he doesn't get targeted with the Relentless Global.

    Carmine Falcone

    Gotham's criminal underworld gets represented as well in World's Finest by Carmine Falcone. His stats are a little low for his cost, but depending on your meta Falcone offers some interesting options.

    Uncommon Falcone, “The Roman” causes all Sidekicks to deal no combat damage, single-handedly shutting down any flying sidekicks team.

    Carmine Falcone: Mob Boss is even more niche, but wields his mob connections to keep the Batman Family occupied allowing only one per turn to attack. In a World Finest only event this obviously is most likely to be useful, but it could be paired with the Trusted Friend basic action to give multiple things the Batman Family affiliation, but this would seem a bit cost prohibitive

    Harley Quinn

    Returning with the same stats and energy type, but a snazzy new die, Harley Quinn also still offers some new fun synergy with The Joker.

    The uncommon Revving Up gives a nice opportunity to buy Harley for one generic energy when she's KO'd, but more importantly, you can buy The Joker instead if she is on burst; so once again, she makes getting to Mr. J considerably easier.

    The rare's main ability to make Batman himself unable to block your villains isn't terribly useful, even in a World's Finest only restricted event, but on burst, making Joker unblockable has some potential.

    Mr. Freeze

    Both Mr. Freeze options offer great thematic abilities, “freezing” you opponent's characters in place and making them unusable for a turn. Backing that up with some decent stats and low fielding costs, Mr. Freeze is an excellent option for a large variety of builds.

    The uncommon Sub Zero removes a character die from the field until the end of turn when fielded. This can be stopped with characters like Constantine, but taking out something like Jinzo or Hulk for a turn can be invaluable.

    The rare Heart of Ice is potentially even more powerful, essentially freezing one of your opponent's dice in their prep area while he is active. You could choose the same die for the entire game, nullifying one of your opponent's purchases, or mix it up each turn as board situations change.

    Poison Ivy

    Though Poison Ivy isn't one of the more obviously exciting villains to come out of this set, but her presence is still a welcome addition. With her low attack stats but decent defense at her hight levels and a TFC of 1 she could have some utility as a defender who gets big with a stat swap global like Ant-man or Kal-El.

    On the surface, Second Eden's Vengeance's ability to KO a sidekick when fielded isn't terribly remarkable, but it could be very handy in a draft scenario taking out something annoying like a rare Lois Lane giving all Team Superman characters at level 1 Iron Will, or just trying to chip away at a sidekick wall.

    The rare Pretty Poison offers considerably more all-around promise though. Dealing 1 damage to each opposing character die when she attacks not only takes out all sidekick dice but it also gives that first point of damage to an Iron Will character's shield.


    While we did see Scarecrow in War of Light, other than the OP version they were largely tailored to in-set play. Thankfully Scarecrow now has much more general utility and feels generally more thematic with its focus on control.

    The Horror of Gotham would be an interesting addition to a Gobby or Flying Sidekicks team, taking control of all of your opponent's sidekicks when he is fielded and following that up with fielding Gobby, or attacking with a giant legion of beefed up sidekicks.

    While the uncommon is pretty neat, the potential of Hallucinogenic Vapors is going to be hard to ignore. Pairing this with something like Blue Eyes White-Dragon to KO and then take control of one of your opponent's characters till the end of the turn will be incredibly useful.

    The Joker

    What would the Batman villains be if they didn't include the Clown Prince of Crime? Returning with a set of abilities and stats that lend themselves to more aggressive play, Joker will be getting his hands dirty more often in this set.

    The uncommon Oberon Sexton's ability to automatically use the non-burst face of a basic action die if it's drawn from the bag sounds like it could work really well with an action heavy team, but the drawback of drawing a non-basic action is enough to make Joker something you'd only want on a niche team.

    The Violent Lunatic appears a bit better for general use, but the chaotic nature of the ability, while thematically appropriate, makes it a little hard to get excited about. The ability will also never damage a (non-Ally) sidekick die, and they're often what you'd want to clear out with a blanket “breath weapon-lite” damage ability.

    The Penguin

    Understandably the Penguin seems designed to sit back and let others do the heavy lifting, but still plainly exert his influence on the board.

    Bully is one of the most appropriate subtitles I've seen on a card as the Penguin picks off lowly sidekicks as they enter the field and pokes those that can survive the one hit. Similar to D&D BFF's Manticore, the two teamed up could make for an unpleasant day for people using low defense characters such as Guy, Miri, Kobolds, Goblins, Tsarina....

    Selfish is actually the less exciting of the two, but unlike most characters that get D bonuses, this one can thankfully get the bonus on both players' turns and is much more useful on your opponent's turn.

    The Riddler

    The Riddler is another low attack, high defense villain but makes up for his low attack with aggressive abilities.

    Riddle Me This makes sending your opponent's characters to used and into their bag much more important, especially if they've bought a lot of a low cost characters. Dealing one damage every time a named die is drawn could be a really nasty ability to bring to swarm heavy meta.

    My Games Only! probably won't deal as much damage against most teams, but Action Die hate is sometimes hard to find. This also might be a nice counter to Mr. Mxyxptlk, so your opponent is at least taking some damage when they use copies of your own basic actions.


    Apart from Bane, Two-Face seems to have some of the most aggressive abilities abilities of the Batman rogue's gallery.

    Double Deal dishing out his damage to both his blockers and your opponent is just begging to be pumped to the moon with a global ability like Anger Issues or Too Big To Fly. This is very similar to AvX's Cyclops: Scott Summers, but he costs less and still does he damage to the blocker as well.

    At first glance, Double Crosser generally may not seem quite as strong as Double Deal, and may not seem worth the 2 life to double the damage, but if this were used with something like Betrayal, the effects could be hugely devastating.

    Non-Basic Action


    In addition to the Batcave we saw last week, this is the other non-Basic Action found in this set. All are cheap s, and as you might expect thematically all provide negative effects in addition to specifically harming Superman™ or Team Superman characters. The Uncommon Green Plague spins a target die down to level 1 and can potentially KO a Team Superman die if you roll it on its double-burst face. This might be useful to you if you brought someone like Hulk without Polymorph's Global.

    The Rare K-Metal costs slightly more at 3, and gives all character dice (NOTE: not just your opponent's, but yours as well) -2A. Since your opponent can't attack you on your turn, this seems less helpful than might be. If you have something like Cheetah where you want to attack but not get KO'd, it could be helpful. On either burst face it also brings Superman's A down to 0. I think competitively, however, the Common Green Death will see the most play as it's basically a strictly better Web Shooters in every way.

    Superman Villains


    Bizarro is basically Superman's opposite, and has a complicated history with imperfect clones and lots of other wacky stuff. In the game, all 3 versions of him counter characters with Global Abilities. In-set this means the Starter Batman & Superman (but not the draftable Commons), Commissioner Gordon, Dick Grayson, SuperWoman, Bane, and the Common Steel & Kal-L. Out of set there are 124 unique cards; the ones you'll probably see the most are Venom, Ant-Man, Beholder, Human Paladin, Ultron Drone, and Giant Spider.

    The Uncommon Focused focuses (get it!) on blocking manipulation. He can't be blocked by any of the above characters, but he can block any number of them. The Rare Me Am #1! is expensive at 7, but not only does he have a 5-7-8A stat line, he also has Overcrush and he gets +2/+2 for each character card your opponent brings with a Global on it. This means that if they bring Professor X or Blue-Eyes White Dragon just for the Globals, Bizarro still benefits even if they never buy the character.


    A brilliant alien scientist, Brainiac has long tormented Superman with his extreme intelligence and habit of miniaturized cities. Thematically, all of Brainiac's card from both this and the Justice League set deal with messing with your opponent's plans.

    The Uncommon Manipulative Schemer is almost identical to the Rare Brainiac: Twelfth-Level Intelligence. For 1 higher purchase cost, you can swap any number of their blockers instead of just 2. The Rare Vengeful is a better worded, strictly worse version of Storm: African Priestess. He can only target Team Superman characters, and costs 5 instead of Storm's 3, and has a Total Fielding Cost (TFC) of 6 instead of Storm's TFC-2. And since it's a when fielded ability, you'll want to cycle him through often so his higher stats don't really help much.


    No Rare on this one, unfortunately. But the Uncommon Superman™'s Killer definitely lives up to its name. First off, he's a 5 with only a TFC-3, and goes up to a 7/7. When you field him he KO's all Team Superman characters (yours included) and puts them in Used instead of Prep. As long as you aren't running a Superman team, definitely grab him up.

    General Zod

    Let's just pretend like Man of Steel didn't happen, OK?

    General Zod's card all focus on you using non-Basic Actions. In-set, you will probably be using the Common Batcave or Kryptonite somewhat frequently, and when you look at Unlimited you can add in Lantern Ring, D&D Gear, Ring of Magnetism, etc. So it's not too hard to build a team around him.

    The Rare Corrupt is fairly comparable to the Rare Baron Zemo: Thunderbolt from Age of Ultron. Both basically let you pay to put an Action into Prep instead of Used, so you can keep cycling it. While Zod lets you also deal 2 damage to a target character, he only works with non-Basic Actions instead of all Actions, and he costs 2 more than Zemo.

    I think one of the most intriguing (albeit confusing) cards that I've seen come out of this set is the Uncommon Madman. Whenever you use a non-Basic Action, pick a fielded character. General Zod now has everything in that character's text box (abiltiy & Globals). He maintains his 5 purchase cost and energy type, along with his stats. This could be an extremely interesting card to bring with you, since you can basically use whatever your opponent brings against him. Very flexible that way. It's also a way to get around "Once per turn" Global Abilities if the character is fielded.

    Mr. Mxyzptlk

    On the plus side, with all the typing in I've done of his name, I defintely know how to spell Mxyzptlk now. Just don't ask me to pronouce it. Mr. M is, like Bat-Mite, an imp from the 5th Dimension who has nearly unlimited power in our dimension. Which, of course, he uses to torment Superman. How do you get him to return home? Get him to say his name backwards (of course?).

    Equalizer is Prismatic Spray: Greater Spell "on legs" - the exact same ability, but on a character that can attack and block (and that costs 1 less). I'd still like to get some clarification on what they mean by "regardless of bonuses", but it definitely has some potential.

    Speaking of the 5th Dimension, this card is one of the Finalist alt-art prizes along with Hulk: Green Goliath. Will he be as influential on the meta as Hulk? Probably not, but he does have an extremely intriguing ability. Anytime your opponent uses a Basic Action, you do it too. Magic Missile/Power Bolt? Deal that 2 damage right back to them. How will it work with Continuous Basic Actions? That's one of the things that Wizkids will need to clarify, but even with that uncertainty it will still likely be a very sought-after card.

    Lex Luthor

    Finally we come to Superman's most iconic nemesis, and a look at our next Super Rare. Lex has been portrayed by everyone from Kevin Spacey to Jesse Eisenberg. In this set he re-uses his die mold from the Justice League set, only instead of focusing on Basic Actions, this Lex is much more defensively oriented.

    The Uncommon Kansas Native reduces the first damage you take to 1. This is a very well-worded card (they ARE getting much better), but it doesn't necessarily help a huge amount. It's kinda like a single-use Human Paladin global, and it works for both ability and combat damage, but overall there are better options.

    Like this one! Our next Super Rare is (potentially) the end of Vicious Struggle Teams and a huge detriment to Lantern Ring teams: Ex-Con. As long as he's active, you basically can't be killed by ability damage, only (at worst) taken down to 1 life. Holding on to that 1 life can easily be enough for you to come back and swing the game in your favor. This is definitely one of the more useful Super Rare cards.

    Crime Syndicate


    Superwoman is basically Wonder Woman from an alternate universe where she's evil. The Crime Syndicate are all evil versions of the Justice League. We've seen this affiliation once before, Atomica from the Trinity War. Now we have 2 more characters to add to their roster.

    All 3 of her versions have the same Global Ability: Pay to "convert" any amount of your energy to . We still need some more clarification on what exactly is meant by the term "convert", but however it's ruled it looks like it'll be even better than the Iceman: Too Cool for Words global. She will almost definitely have a place on Bolt-teams. Her abilities all revolve around what energy you use to pay for her, which is an interesting mechanic that we haven't really seen before and I hope we see more of. She costs 5, and according to the basic game rules that means that we have to spend 1 plus 4 of any energy (generic or specific) to purchase her. However, if we are able to (or choose to) spend at least 3 Bolts out of those 5, we get a nice benefit.

    Amazonian lets us immediately roll her into our Reserve Pool, whereas Reign of Terror lets us Prep her and deal 3 damage to all Villains or Batman Family dice (your choice). Remember this includes your own, so be careful how you choose to use her.


    Ultraman = evil Superman. Instead of being hurt by Kryptonite, it actually powers him and makes him stronger. All versions of him trigger on one of the Kryptonite non-Basic Action cards being used, which means including both on your team. Fortunately, they're cheap and have some nice uses, especially the Common.

    The World Conqueror has an extremely powerful ability, but only if you're facing a Team Superman team (or bring the Trusted Friend Basic Action Card and a lot of Masks). Use a Kryptonite die and bam! KO all their Team Superman characters, and if that wasn't enough, you ALSO deal direct damage to your opponent based on their combined levels. KO three level-3 Lois Lanes? You just dealt 9 damage. Facing the right team, this could be extremely brutal.

    Then our final Super Rare, Kryptonite Powered gives you our Beholder: Master Aberration / Thanos: Infinity Gauntlet ability to use all the Basic Actions, and he only costs 6. And he can be activated as many times as you (or someone else) plays a Kryptonite Action die. I have a feeling we'll see some really fun teams built around this Super Rare.

    Black Lanterns

    Black Lantern Anti-Monitor

    The Black Lanterns that we've seen pretty much all focus on losing life. Remember that life loss is different from taking damage, so none of them will trigger Vengeance. We also haven't yet seen an ability that will really mitigate life loss, only abilities that prevent or reduce damage taken. Once you manage to get out Darkest Evil, each time you attack with him your opponent automatically loses 2 life and he gets +2A added on to his already impressive 5/6/7A stat line. Give him Overcrush and your opponent has problems.

    Black Lantern Green Arrow

    Tired of Human Torch pinging you constantly? Or people using other little burn attacks against you? Get the Black Archer out on the Field, and each time they hurt you they lose a life. Once again, Iron Fist and such will only protect against damage, nothing can prevent life loss as of yet.

    Black Lantern Firestorm & Black Lantern Martian Manhunter

    Well we have to leave some more surprises, don't we?

    And that's what we have for you! The biggest and baddest of DC Comics' Villains, from this Earth and beyond. We hope you enjoyed, and once again we can't thank Wizkids enough for providing us these cards to show you. We hope you enjoy the set and may the rolls be ever in your favor!

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    1. DigitalFirefly's Avatar
      DigitalFirefly -
      For Rare Scarecrow, what's the point of spinning it to an energy face? Is it just to indicate the control of the opponent's die?
    1. Flexei's Avatar
      Flexei -
      Quote Originally Posted by DigitalFirefly View Post
      For Rare Scarecrow, what's the point of spinning it to an energy face? Is it just to indicate the control of the opponent's die?
      That and also likely to prevent some sort of shenanigans like somehow regenerating him to do the effect again, or somehow bring him back into play from Prep and allow you to KO him and use the ability again.
    1. nutki's Avatar
      nutki -
      Quote Originally Posted by DigitalFirefly View Post
      For Rare Scarecrow, what's the point of spinning it to an energy face? Is it just to indicate the control of the opponent's die?
      Maybe as a reminder that it does not return to the field when released.
    1. superfriend's Avatar
      superfriend -
      While I am still sad that the LOD affiliation did not carry over into this set, I am excited about the new possibilities to try adding to my Black Manta Retaliation deck.
    1. DigitalFirefly's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by nutki View Post
      Maybe as a reminder that it does not return to the field when released.
      Ok, that makes sense.
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      Those Black Lanters are making me drool... I can't wait to pull off a Stealth Ops Anti-Monitor for 9 straight damage!
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      For his ability and stats, that cost 5 Two-Face is looking really good. And a cost 4 Black Lantern? Nice.
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      Soooooooo excited. Second on the Retaliation team opportunities. Can't wait - fingers crossed it gets to us Brits on time...
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      I am not a fan of that cliffhanger, @pk2317 !
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      Let hope this suprise comes soon. I am excited to see this black lantern martian manhunter. Hopefully he has some meta changing ability so I can finally break out a team with my favorite man from mars!
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      I really, really want the Black Lantern Green Arrow. And I really, really , really want for none of my opponents to have him because I love "ping" teams and this will take the joy (and momentum) out of Retaliation, when attacking pings, and my favorite Blue Beetle bonus.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Necromanticer View Post
      Those Black Lanters are making me drool... I can't wait to pull off a Stealth Ops Anti-Monitor for 9 straight damage!
      Thought the exact same thing when I read his text!
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      Quote Originally Posted by cbone3 View Post
      I am not a fan of that cliffhanger, @pk2317 !
      What can I say? It's Villains week, I have to be evil
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      If I swear to be a loyal minion, can I get some leaked pics? Hopefully they'll be out tomorrow?!?
    1. vonVile's Avatar
      vonVile -
      Darn, I was hoping Poison Ivy would have a mind control element. Something like:

      "Once per turn when Poison Ivy is fielded you may take control of an opponent's character of a lower level. Return character at the beginning of your next turn. If character is KO'd place in opponent's Used pile.

      Global: Pay 2 life to cancel a character's 'When fielded' ability."
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      Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
      What can I say? It's Villains week, I have to be evil
      Such a tease! Sidekick is now just 9 cards short of being able to update, you're killing me!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Necromanticer View Post
      Those Black Lanters are making me drool... I can't wait to pull off a Stealth Ops Anti-Monitor for 9 straight damage!
      You mean 7 damage. "considered level 1"
      *edit* +2 damage... I see what you did. Strike that!
    1. Necromanticer's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by Adimantium10 View Post
      You mean 7 damage. "considered level 1"
      My opponent loses 2 life, then I hit them with 5 + 2 attack. That's a total of 9 damage.
    1. Adimantium10's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by Necromanticer View Post
      My opponent loses 2 life, then I hit them with 5 + 2 attack. That's a total of 9 damage.
      I saw it, but it was too late! Lol
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      Quote Originally Posted by TrueMisterSix View Post
      Soooooooo excited. Second on the Retaliation team opportunities. Can't wait - fingers crossed it gets to us Brits on time...
      I heard the 23rd. But also we've just barely got FUS are you not satisfied! =)