• DC World's Finest Starter Video Review: Characters (part 4)

    Here we are with the FINAL installment of our DC Dice Masters Word's Finest Starter Review. We started with Batman, so it seems only appropriate to end with Superman, including possibly one of the most easily used Superman character cards we've seen so far.

    And that does it.... hopefully the broken up segments were a bit easier for people to watch than the one long video we did for D&D FUS. The World's Finest is shaping up to be a pretty fun looking set and should (hopefully) shake up the meta going forward a decent bit. It should hit shelves TOMORROW (3/16) assuming no distribution or shipping issues.

    One more final thanks to WizKids! for giving us the opportunity to bring you this early look and review! Hopefully we get an opportunity to do it again with Civil War and/or TMNT!

    If you missed the previous videos:
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