• How it Works: The Used Pile Part 1

    Hey Folks, last time on How it works we talked about Using Action dice. Today we're going to discuss where action dice, and anything that gets used, go after their deeds are done. The Used Pile, perhaps one of the most difficult parts of the game to get a handle on, especially as it is the one that has had the most revision. However, the rules for the used pile can break down to relatively simple generalizations that can guide most interactions to a proper conclusion.

    To begin with, let's remind everyone that the way the Used Pile works was changed in the rules document released after AvX. The largest change here was delay on when dice enter the Used Pile on your turn. Many of the justifications for the way I'll be discussing the Used Pile today come from a close read on this document, and an understanding of the Rules Forum Rulings that have been made since it's release.

    So, Used Pile, it's a place where things go after we use them. More specifically, it's the place where things go to wait to get cycled back through our bag.

    -When an action die is USED, unless otherwise stated, it moves toward the Used Pile.
    -When an energy is spent,it moves toward the Used Pile.
    -When a character resolves an attack that was not blocked, it is moved to the Used Pile.

    We have three types of Die Faces in this game, Action, Energy and Character. The three guidelines above should help you know when things are supposed to go to the Used Pile after being utilized. There are also some special cases where things move to the Used Pile when they aren't utilized.

    -When your Main Phase ends, move to the Used Pile all character faces in your Reserve.
    -When your Clean Up Phase begins, move to the Used Pile all action faces in your Reserve.
    -When your Clear and Draw step begins, move to the Used Pile all dice in your Reserve (generally just Energy, but any other stray facings as well).

    As we can see, the three types of die facings help us frame the Used Pile into an easy to understand process of how dice enter the Used Pile. However, the Rules document above changed the simplicity of this form to have a caveat. Dice that are sent to the Used Pile, must wait until the end of your turn to arrive there. Additionally, Rules Forum Rulings have added the requirement that dice that should be sent to Used, to trigger an effect, aren't moved to Used until that effect resolves. The combination of these to delays are to prevent infinite combos of using, then getting energy from cycling things through your bag.

    -When you pay a cost, dice don't arrive in Used until after the effect they payed for resolves.
    -When a die from your Reserve or Field is moved to the Used Pile on your turn, they don't arrive in Used until the end of your turn.

    Some folks may be saying, well, if my dice don't go immediately to the Used Pile where do they go? The answer is to find a place, off the active play area so folks don't get confused, and place the dice there until the appropriate time. This "Out of Play" area, isn't a part of the game. Dice don't travel here, nothing can happen to them here, it's simply a place to put the dice down so you don't have to hold them in your hand while waiting until the end of the turn. The dice in this area are still headed to the Used Pile, they are neither in play, nor in the Used Pile yet, and for all game purposes they simply don't exist.

    There is one exception though.

    -Characters, not fielded, are placed immediately in the Used Pile, from the Reserve, at the end of the Main Step.

    This is the only exception to dice heading to the Used Pile, but not arriving there immediately on your turn.

    So, that's how dice enter the Used. How do they leave?

    -When you need to draw a die from an empty bag, refill your bag with all of the dice currently in your Used Pile.

    There are several ways to manipulate this simple rule, including everything from Polymorphing out a character, to properly timing a Resurrection effect to fill your bag with dice you just purchased and not the dice that you spent on the purchase (because those have not yet arrived in the Used Pile). However, other than those manipulations, dice only leave the Used by cycling into our bag.

    Generally in a How It Works article I would discuss the different ways you can manipulate a game feature. I will be discussing Used Pile manipulation next time, today has plenty to take in and discuss as the Used is one of the most complicated aspects of Dice Masters. See you guys Next week for Part 2.
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    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      So this is more How It Works: Out of Play?
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Very helpful info that all players need to know, great article sir!
    1. Son of 'L's's Avatar
      Son of 'L's -
      If it is one of the more difficult part of the game to get a handle on, one of the reasons is that the name itself is counter-intuitive. On my turn, it would be better called my UNused Pile.

      During my turn, what dice are in my (Un)Used Pile? (Not just headed there/In Transit/Out of Play, but in the actual Used Pile.)

      1) Freshly purchased, never used dice.
      2) Characters I was unable (or chose not) to field. That is, character dice that went unused.
      3) Dice that started the turn in the Used Pile. Have I used any of those dice this turn? No.