• Team Brew Switcharoo 9: Sometimes You Eat the Bear...

    Hello again everybody! Today, I'd like to try an experiment. We are going to take ten random cards (eight characters and non-basic actions and two basic actions). We are then going to try and create a workable (and fun) team by swapping only four of those cards out for four others of our choosing. To guide our build, and to make things more interesting, we are going to randomly select a "Meta-Rule" that will limit what we can choose. Without further delay... let's see what random cards we are starting with!


    I'm going to be honest here. That isn't a lot to work with. At least, not anything that is giving me much of an idea which direction we need to go in. I think it is all going to depend on what random Meta-Rule is selected. I'm just going to go ahead and... hold on. There is a knock at the door.


    That... that was really weird. I answered the door, and there was a wild-eyed, grey haired, crazy old man. When he saw he me, his eyes grew large and he said "Whatever you do, do not try to build a team by swapping in only common cards!" Then, he just loped off while cackling madly. You know what? Nobody tells me what to do. I'm going to show that old man. I'm going to build a team by only swapping in common cards.

    First things first, let's go ahead and take a look at what we have to work with. I really like Wilson Fisk as a one-sided alternative to the Professor X Global. Of course, he is expensive and we have to be able to damage him. Vibe is always fun to deal some damage, as long as we have a way to get double bolts.

    On the other side of things... there is a lot of work to be done here. First, our cheapest character is a four cost, so we need a couple of little 'uns. Wolverine has a very situational ability that needs an X-Men to trigger. We are fresh out of mutants, however. Slifer is a powerful die, but the ability and the cost both kind of stink. Joker looks like he could be fun, but not at all reliable (much like the character himself). Thousand Dragon might be ok, but because he is limited to a single die it'll be difficult to keep cycling him through for his ability. There are no shortage of things to replace, and very little on which to build a team. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work.

    As Vibe and Kingpin seem to be the best characters from our starting line-up, I'd like to try to build around them. Admittedly, I was a little stumped about the direction to go. With the way the random draw and rule played out, I could essentially build half of a Little Cup team using any four common cards. After a quick conference with the Nefarious Geneticist himself, I think I have a plan. My first swap is going to be Wolverine for Limited Wish - Lesser Spell.

    There are a lot of big fellers on this team. Limited Wish will let me make a play for them. If I can get Vibe into the field, then use LW to try and purchase a large character, then I win either way. If I roll energy, two out of three times I deal damage with Vibe. If I roll character, then I get a "free" character. It is a gamble, but the odds are ever in my favor.

    Next, we need to look for a big . My second swap will be X-23 for Red Dragon - Lesser Dragon.

    Not only am I getting a HUGE character, but I'm getting the Global that will let me better afford my actions (including the extremely high priced Limited Wish).

    For our third swap, I think I'd like a good and cheap blocker. Our third swap will be Darkseid for Pepper Potts - Personal Secretary to Tony Stark.

    This will start our ramping toward buying Wish, giving us energy to work with. If we are lucky, it could also trigger Vibe. It will also make our blocking characters a bit more chunky, which should give us an easier time repelling attacks.

    So, we are down to our last swap. Since the team is relying pretty heavily on getting those double bolts and using Limited Wish, I'd like a die that helps pull us toward those two things. My final swap will be Joker for Elf Wizard - Lesser Harper.

    Discounts on Actions are very nice. Moving a die from the Used Pile to the Prep Area is very nice, especially without any appreciable form of ramp.

    Well, there we have it. A team. Let's scatter some dice down and see what happens.


    x4 x4 x2 x1
    x2 x3 x3 x1

    Let's look at the strategy (such as it is). The plan here is to buy some Pepper Potts or an Elf Wizard and a fielded Sidekick on the first turn. Then more Pepper Potts or a Vibe on turn two. Once you can start getting some double energy, use Red Dragon to purchase a Limited Wish. Once Vibe is in the field, start wishing for some of those big characters (specifically Red Dragon). If you roll RD on his double energy face, deal the damage to all the characters and your opponent with Vibe. If not, then score a "free" Dragon. Then, attack with your Wizard to move that Wish back into Prep and try it all again. If you can get Fisk out, that'll help prep more SKs when your Vibe goes off.

    This team... isn't great. I think our random draw and rule really put our backs against the wall. We could have built ANYTHING we wanted, really, but at least we were able to utilize one of our starting cards. What might you have done differently? Would you have gone common Cheetah and Firestorm for a Justice League Draft Flashback team? What about... you know what? I can't do this. I have to stop this mess from happening!

    Luckily, I have a time machine squirreled away for situations just like this. Here is my plan: I will travel back in time to before I wrote this article. I will march right up to my door and knock so hard that me-from-the-past has no choice not to answer. Then, I will tell myself in a very firm tone of voice "Whatever you do, do not try to build a team by swapping in only common cards!" I'm sure that'll get my attention. I also have gotten this joke stuck in my head, involving a guy who has half a peach for a head. If I can stop laughing long enough, I'll tell younger me that joke. Anyway, I'm sure it'll work out, and this article will never be written.

    Until I see you again (assuming that a paradox does not rip apart the fabric of space and time): keep creating combos, brewing boffo bands of battlers, and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks (even when it doesn't work)!
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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      I saw this first draw and thought "This is the worst random draw I've ever seen in this article". You did a better job than I would have thought possible. But yeah, this team will only win against either a team created from the same opening team where the other player chooses worse, or where another random team truly draws the wrath of the Chance Gods. I'm pretty sure if we gave a semi casual player 2 sets of the same starter (to max out the dice for most choices) they could design a team that would beat this one if the players were comparable and the dice didn't truly give back what the draw here took away. Cool article as always, better luck with the next draw.
    1. Awesome Dave's Avatar
      Awesome Dave -
      Just wanted to add that you are a highly talented writer. Thanks for keeping these so entertaining as well as insightful!
    1. crocko33's Avatar
      crocko33 -
      If this team can keep enough defensive wall, pretty cool chance of fairing decently in some matches, I would guess. Interesting and creative team -- definitely agree that Vibe was the key card from the initial draw to focus around.