• Spoilers all around! TMNT! Civil War!

    Wizkids is on fire today! Spoilers dropping left and right!

    First, courtesy of Marvel, we have our first look at the unique Super Rares from Civil War! It appears that Zombies are out, and What If? is in! We also have a release date: May 4, which means the set will be legal for the next WKOs!

    On the TMNT front, we have a video courtesy of BoardGameGeek at the GAMA show, revealing many cards in the set. In addition Wizkids provided BGG with several publicity images, including one revealing all the cards/characters in the set!

    As always, follow along with our spoiler threads on the forums!


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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Super excited to see these spoilers, thanks. I'm interested to see if Dice Masters uses this one box format (now featured in TMNT) again in the future. A couple of the Civil War SRs seem reminiscent of AVX cards that newer players have had a hard time getting. Thanks again for the peek behind the curtain.
    1. Stormyknight's Avatar
      Stormyknight -
      Well looks like I'll be drafting Civil War not buying a box if those are 4 of the 8 super rares. Those are very underwhelming cost and effect wise. The only remotely competitive one is Iron Man Steve Rogers.
    1. Carnage67's Avatar
      Carnage67 -
      The zombies where never really to great besides magneto and goblin either though cool idea doing what if
    1. Carnage67's Avatar
      Carnage67 -
      I see lots of cheap villains too on the tmnt stuff looks great