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    Welcome back to a look at the game we all know and love, Dice Masters from the beginning player’s perspective. Even if you have been playing this game for a bit, you will probably find information you need and will learn from here.

    Recently I have seen a jump of interest, discussion and debate regarding a certain subject of this game. I think that for new players that it is a common occurrence in almost all games. The question I have seen repeatedly looks like this:

    “How does _______ work?”

    “Does _______ card and ________ global work this way or that way?”

    “If I play ________ and then someone does _________ __________ does it cause __________?”

    These may be simple frames, but they focus on the questions that almost all users, new or older are interested in: rules questions. They can lead to incredible discussion, horrible arguments and everything in between. Today, let’s look at how to approach questions about rules as a player.

    Why do people ask questions about rules?

    At its core, we ask questions about rules because we don't know the answer. If you knew an answer, you wouldn't ask a question. Now sure, people ask questions that they may partially know, and some ask things they know fully well but want to cause trouble (we will get to that later). But ultimately people want help. Even if you kind of know the answer you may want someone to affirm what you know to be true.

    People ask questions to get a handle on gameplay. Things they want to play, things they want to see done in a certain interaction, or things they are worried about being played against them. If you are building a team and plan to have something amazing happen,you want to know it will or won't.

    There are no dumb questions here

    I think we forget what it feels like to be a new player. To not understand how the transition area works or the correct order of play. I still hear seasoned players forget about passing priority or how to and when to use globals and action dice. When someone asks what may seem like a silly question, they truly are just wanting to understand the game usually as a new player. If you are new to this game, please don't feel like you can't ask about something you don’t understand. We care about the community here and ultimately that means we want to care about your understanding of the game. When you get it, you enjoy it.

    Where can I find official answers?

    If it involves gameplay mechanics, it is probably found in the rulebook. Before you ask, start there. You should have one in your starter sets, or if you want to reference the most recent rulebook, go to the WizKids website and check it out. I included the LINK here for you.

    Next most official place to find answers is on the WizKids forums. There are two sections to focus on, errata and rules forum answers. The errata can be found HERE and will help you understand cards that have been changed or modified from what is written on them to improve their game play, correct mistakes or clarify what is written. The other area is the rules forum which you can find HERE. The rules forum will allow you to search for a certain keyword, card or interaction and see if it has already been answered. We have also compiled the rules in an easy, searchable format HERE.

    If you are asking a question, please start at those places. Those are the only official, across the board answers to rules questions.

    Where can I find unofficial answers?

    If the above did not answer your question, the next best person to check with is your event judge or tournament organizer (aka TO). Their word is official in the event you are playing in. So they are an official source, but not across the board. But sometimes, especially for an event, you need to know right then and there. This person gives you that answer.

    The next line of question answering is here, in our rules forum. In case you didn't know, you can find it HERE and submit a question along with finding discussion on similar questions published in the past. These are often people's opinions and educated guesses on how something will or won't work.

    Other places that lend to discussion are Facebook, Reddit and Board Game Geek. All work the same way-people taking time to help you understand how they see something working or not in the given situation to your question.

    Don't argue with each other, discuss with each other

    When a question is asked, new or old player driven, there are almost always responses. And the thing about responses is that they often bring reactions. And on the internet sometimes reactions are positive, but sometimes they are not. The proper way to enter into a rules discussion is to do just that-discuss it. Take time to see the question and the core of the need-don't use it as an opportunity to argue with one another. This takes away from it being beneficial to the community as a whole and frankly can make a new player not want to ask other questions. If you disagree-be civil. Don't let it become a shouting match.

    As a new player, your interest is learning how something is supposed to be played or will be ruled. As a veteran player, your interest should be in helping them get there. If someone gives an answer that is incorrect, give proof through the above ''official'' channels that they are not correct. If you disagree on the interpretation, share your ''unofficial'' viewpoint but make sure people understand it to be your interpretation only.

    Don't ever make it personal

    I think this is where the wheels come off in the process of trying to get rules answered-when it is no longer a discussion and it turns to attacks. Please don't ever make your disagreements personal. There is absolutely no need to belittle, harass or otherwise attack another because you disagree. Nor as a community should we tolerate it. Sometimes people ask or state things just to look for trouble-ignore them. You've heard it a million times before, but don't feed trolls and don't fuel the fire of negative discussion. You always have the opportunity in any situation to either add water or gas to a fire. Choose to be water here. Most of the time it is the veteran players who do this-but to those of you who are new, I ask you not to become this type of person also.

    So the take home? If you are new, look for rules clarifications but look in the official places first. If you don't find an answer, check out forum discussion but keep in mind that it is our best guesses on how things should work. In the end, be cool with each other and make sure to respond and react with respect.
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    1. gkpon66's Avatar
      gkpon66 -
      Nice article Isaac, these are also good things to keep in mind while answering questions about the rules from players coming from other games.
    1. JakeSalvage's Avatar
      JakeSalvage -
      If you disagree on the interpretation, share your ''unofficial'' viewpoint but make sure people understand it to be your interpretation only.
      Agreed agreed agreed. I have made the wrong rulings in the past, and have admitted as such when shown the proper ruling, but if there is no WK ruling and all I have to go on is what's already been ruled on and the Judge Guidelines, I will always caveat by saying that it's my opinion or interpretation. I'm not afraid to be proven wrong; quite the contrary. But if it's my opinion against yours, prepare to debate with me (in a civilized manner of course)
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      Another reminder - those of us here on TRP with fancy colors on our names do not have ANY more official standing than anyone else. We can (and have) been just as incorrect about Rules interactions as anyone else.
    1. Jthomash2's Avatar
      Jthomash2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
      Another reminder - those of us here on TRP with fancy colors on our names do not have ANY more official standing than anyone else. We can (and have) been just as incorrect about Rules interactions as anyone else.
      I'm rather taking pride in my terrible prediction abilities. Mostly, if it hasn't been ruled on, disagree with me and you're likely to be right!