• Team Brew Switcharoo 11: The Next One

    Hello again everyone. Today, I'd like to try another experiment. I would like to take ten random cards and, by only swapping out four of them, try to build a team that amazes and astounds anyone who knows nothing about Dice Masters. This time, instead of taking eight random characters or non-basic actions and two random basic actions, I'll start with two random basic actions and eight random non-basic actions or characters. Will this make a difference? Let's find out!

    To select our ten random cards, we'll visit dm.retrobox.eu. After hitting the "Random" button ten times, here is what we have:

    There is one tiny thing that I forgot to mention: we will be randomly selecting a "Meta-Rule" to guide our build. This week, I am exhausted and so will not be doing an elaborate... an elaborate...

    adsfasfk;jh ;khvujhauhd

    Sorry, I dozed off there for a few minutes. I faceplanted into the keyboard. I had the strangest dream. In the dream, there were millions of little kittens. Each one had fur that was made of fiber optic threads. Each thread lit up a different color. There were colors that don't even exist in real life. One of the tiny kittens walked up to me and, in a baritone voice, said "Welcome to Season 9, Episode 234 of the Reserve Pool!" I screamed, but the Isaac kitty just boomed louder "Joining me from way down south is the Nefarious Geneticist himself, Shadowmeld!" I tried to run, but my legs were turning into Sugar Free Cherry Jello. The Jello melted, and I was frozen in place. Then, the Isaac-Kitten boomed "NO COMMONS CAN BE SWAPPED IN!"

    So, we know two things: Sugar Free Cherry Jello gives me nightmares, and we are not going to swap in any Common characters or non-basic actions.

    Let's take a look at what we are working from. I really like this Rocket Racoon. He is a workhorse (work-racoon?) in drafts. I also like this version of the Lizardfolk. If we can get a piece of gear onto the team, we might could find a way to use this to our advantage. Smash! is an underrated BAC, especially with its ability to stop Overcrush with that Global. Of course, that Global can certainly hurt US if we plan on using Overcrush.

    On the other side of things, we see some stuff that we like less. This Aunt May doesn't do a lot for us, as it can rob us of a When Fielded ability on a character. Celtic Guardian is ok, I suppose, but only if our opponent tries to attack with one thing at a time. And the Mordenkainen's Sword BAC isn't really as cool as it looks. It's not even a piece of gear, which is something we need for our Lizardfolk.

    Ok, I've looked over the choices... let's see if we can build around one of our good pieces. For our first swap, we'll be trading Celtic Guardian for Magic Sword - Greater Gear.

    By equipping one of our Lizardfolk with this sword, we are giving him +4 Attack. Not too shabby for a 3 cost piece of equipment.

    Next, I'd like to kick this sword theme up a notch. Our next swap will be Smash! for Flaming Sword.

    I know what I said earlier about Smash!, but hear me out... I would like to have a dual-wielding Lizardman (or Lizardwoman) go crashing into our opponent's line of defenders. If our opponent can negate all of that damage by paying just 1 , it takes all of the fun out of it. Also, you know, Flaming Sword.

    For our next swap, we need someone who can pick up all this hardware and get it into our Lizardfolk's hands. Our third swap will be Gnome Ranger for Half-Orc Fighter- Greater Lords Alliance.

    Putting our Magic Swords down to 1 cost and our FLAMING MAGIC SWORDS down to 2 cost is worth it for this feller.

    So, we are down to our final swap. I'd love to turn our dual wielding Lizardfolk loose. Our final swap will be Aunt May for Mary Jane - MJ.

    Overcrush on a character that has (at least) 7 Attack will be... nice.

    Ok, so we've made our swaps. Let's spread some dice around on the cards...

    x3 x3 x2 x4
    x4 x2 x1 x1

    What follows will the most obvious strategy explanation for a team ever: buy Lizardfolk, buy Half-Orc Fighter, buy swords, give swords to Lizardfolk. Buy MJ, field MJ to give Overcrush to sword-wielding Lizardfolk, force a block or two with Goblin Attack Force's Global, and attack. What this team lacks in grace and ramp, it makes up for with some economy and high attack stats. It may not fare well against faster teams, but if you can get some swords in play, then some damage will be dealt.

    What do you think? Did I swap away a game winner in my race to field hordes of swords? Could we have built a better team around a different character in our starting line up? Let me know below in the comments what might have worked better? Or, let everyone know if this build has inspired a better build for one of your own teams.

    Until next time: keep creating combos, brewing boffo bands of battlers, and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks!
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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Great article. I am still learning all of the D & D mechanics and would never have thought of this. My first thought, seeing the Aunt May and Captain Marvel side by side was to bring in one or more low cost cards with high attacks on level 2 or 3 (frequently punished with high fielding cost) and then an Overcrush mechanic or two. Maybe add a targeted removal card to get rid of a damage reducer like Captain America or anything else pesky. I like yours better for my personal mode of play.
    1. Adimantium10's Avatar
      Adimantium10 -
      That's 21 dice! Cheater! Lol
    1. gkpon66's Avatar
      gkpon66 -
      Keep'em coming, these keep the brain chewing on new ideas.
    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      Quote Originally Posted by Adimantium10 View Post
      That's 21 dice! Cheater! Lol
      D'oh! Fixed it. Good eye.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Wait. I dont like cats, and am crazy allergic to them @OddballNarwhal . So this is a nightmare for me also!
      But great team ideas. Love me that Rocket!