• Wizkids Wednesday: Crisis on Infinite Earths Organized Play (OP) Kit

    Welcome folks to our preview of the newest Wizkids Organized Play (OP) prize support, Crisis on Infinite Earths! A big thanks to our friends over at Wizkids for this look at these fun new cards coming to your next OP event. Don't know what that is or how to participate in OP events? Then may I suggest you start HERE at their website to read up about how to find a local store hosting these fun events where you can get to play you local competitors and get some fun cards only available that way. These are cards that you will love to get a hold of for the new art and new mechanics on characters we already have seen in various forms.

    For those that may or may not be DC Comics familiar, The Crisis on Infinite Earths was a storyline from 1985 that sought to get rid of the multi-verse concept in the DC universe and bring them into one continuous line of continuity. In the mini-series and subsequent tie-in comics, the DC universe was reshaped and reformed to be more linear. This storyline brought us some interesting interactions, but without being a spoiler from a series that ran over 30 years ago, it is safe to say that the characters in this OP kit are significant to that storyline.


    First off, let's look at the participation prize card from this set. This is an alternate-art card of the Superman card of the same name in the World's Finest set. He is in the starter set of this set as one of the three Superman cards. He is a 6 cost shield character with some beefy stats. Superman features a new ability to this set Iron Will that makes it so he cannot be KO'd unless he has taken damage previously in that turn. He also has a great global that I think has not been fully explored yet that will allow you to pay 1 shield and prevent up to 3 damage to a character unless your opponent pays 1 life. In a game where paying life still cannot be bypassed, it has potential to be a great part of a shield economy team.

    Supergirl: Crisis on Infinite Earths

    Next is our first new card to a familiar girl-Supergirl. She comes to the forefront in the Crisis storyline, so fittingly is given a card in the OP kit here. She is a 7 cost shield character also sporting the Iron Will ability. What is unique with her is a brand new thing we have not seen on any cards before-her ''when fielded'' ability looks at the type of cards you brought on your team. In the past, we have had cards that look at the characters you or your opponent have in the field, or other aspects of gameplay. But this card looks at the cards on your team and brings an effect. As long as you have no villain card on your side of the board, Supergirl KO's a villain die when she is fielded. Neat mechanic, and I look forward to seeing other cards play something like that out in the future.

    The Flash: Crisis on Infinite Earths

    Finally, let's look at The Flash. Barry Allen also plays a significant role in the Crisis and it given a card to help signify that. He is a 7 cost fist character who comes in with a familiar ability for The Flash that deals with blockers and being too quick or them. This version states that he cannot be blocked, which is always a positive. The catch though is that his attack (A) may not be increased. So for his attack stats and cost, he may be a bit of a reach in competitive play-but as a fun, thematic card, he is quick and he is punching in untouched like a Flash should do. And as a collector, I love getting new promos and versions of cards to add to the collection.

    So that is the look at this kit coming soon to your FLGS. Make sure to check the Wizkids Info Network (WIN) to learn where and when you can get out and play for these great new cards! And more information on this particular OP event, check out their website HERE. Thanks for joining us!
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    1. Razorback's Avatar
      Razorback -
      Flash has received a lot of hate in the forums, but I actually like this card. Is it "competitive level" or "meta changing"? No. But I don't really want OP prize cards to be meta changing.

      For me, this is the perfect kind of OP card- fun, useful but not necessary, and super thematic. With ways to reduce the purchase cost and fielding cost of Justice League characters, I don't see the costs too terrible. I'd be happy to drop him on a fun Justice League team and punch my opponent in the nose with him.

      Supergirl is a pretty great card if you take a villain maker with you.

      I love the alt art Supes.

      The main thing I see that I really like is the way Wizkids seems to be experimenting with different mechanics without investing an entire set in them. Can you imagine how Heroic would have gone if they had three or four cards from the AvX storyline OP? They could have tested it there and realized it wasn't quite what they were aiming for. They seem to be thinking about effects that take your whole team into account. That's cool. It's the next step up from Teamwatch and Teamwork. I like unblockable characters that can't be abused like Wolverine from AvX. I applaud WK for what they've done here.

      Great review of the OP kit!
    1. jigsawhc's Avatar
      jigsawhc -
      So the Flash's Attack can't be increased but what if we increase his Defense and then switch his attack/defense stats (Ant-Man Global)?
      I think the intent is that his attack is always 3/4/5, but I am not sure ...
    1. Razorback's Avatar
      Razorback -
      Quote Originally Posted by jigsawhc View Post
      So the Flash's Attack can't be increased but what if we increase his Defense and then switch his attack/defense stats (Ant-Man Global)?
      I think the intent is that his attack is always 3/4/5, but I am not sure ...
      I could see WK going either way. It would be great if you could increase D and then switch it. If not, still a fun card to play with.
    1. ShadyYeezy's Avatar
      ShadyYeezy -
      The complaint really comes from the consistency of crappy (to put it lightly) flash's. The flash is arguably the 3rd most popular/important character in the DC universe next to supes and bats and imo all the flash dice/cards have sucked. Granted I do want to mention that Flash is my favorite superhero of all time so obviously my opinion isn't subjective but still. The fielding costs are high, die stats aren't worth it and almost half the cards have disclaimers on them. This one just has a terrible Purchase cost. Hopefully we can some usable stuff with the Flash/arrow set due out in some months.