• WizKids Organized Play: Marvel Knights OP Event

    Welcome to another early look at an Organized Play (OP) kit coming soon from WizKids for the game we all love: Dice Masters. This time, we get a peak into the Marvel Universe as we explore characters from the “Marvel Knights” storyline. First off, thank you to our friends at WizKids for giving us a chance to look through these cards and provide all of you with the first look at the full set. Want a chance to get these for yourself? Then head on over to the WizKids Info Network (WIN), find a FLGS near you and look for these OP events.

    First off, some history. Many of you are going to be familiar with the characters-but are you familiar with the Marvel Knights? Starting in 1998, the Marvel Universe gave us a look at some familiar characters through the eyes of some new artists and writers and one of the showcase series premiered in 2000 titled “Marvel Knights”. The storyline was simple: Black Widow, Dagger, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi and the Punisher all join to search out the cause of multiple massacres in Brooklyn to find that it was the result of Ulik search out a Asgardian relic. They succeed in helping him, and eventually all turn their attention to the vigilante The Punisher and his aggressive (ie lethal) methods of justice. It is a good series that takes characters not normally in the spotlight and moves them there, telling riveting stories about them all. Looking down the line, there is a good chance thanks to Netflix and the Marvel cinematic universe that we may see the Marvel Knights do some work in the future.

    Like most of the OP kits we have seen from WizKids, this set features a participation card, and two different prize cards. Let’s take a look at each card and what it brings to the game.

    Black Widow: Stinger

    Who doesn't love The Black Widow? She has been a key character in the Marvel cinematic universe since the early Iron Man days and continues to be a strong female lead hero as they move into the Civil War. In the Marvel Knights series, she is an important character as well, bringing her aggresive and focus tendencies to the team.

    This new art version of a common card found in the Amazing Spider-Man set is the participation card for the Marvel Knights set. She is an Avengers affiliation character again as it is the same card with new art similar to the Tsarina full-art card. Stinger is a 2 cost shield character with Aftershock, allowing you to deal one damage to a character or player when she is KO’d. Stinger is a quality card, and in non-SR constructed games she has been my go-to version of Black Widow. She is no Tsarina, but she is a very playable card that is much more accessible then her more expensive version. I look forward to another alt-art card into my collection and she being usable is a bonus. Solid participation option that you should be happy to add to your binder.

    Daredevil: Marvel Knight

    Who doesn't love Daredevil? Matt Murdock is a favorite character on the outside of the main superheroes of the Marvel Universe and if the recent Netflix show is any indication he has an audience of loyal fans. Daredevil is a great character and in the Marvel Knights series is a key member of the team acting like the moral compass he can be.

    This prize card version of Daredevil brings in another new affiliation into the game “MK” which we can safely believe is the Marvel Knights affiliation. Daredevil uses his Amazing Spider-Man dice stats to bring us a 3 cost fist character with a TFC of 2. He has a “when attacks” ability, that when he attacks alone, blocking character dice get -1A. This ability allows you to swing in against characters with small attack values and potentially damage them without taking damage from them, or just less overall. Got a wall of sidekicks on the other side? Daredevil slams into them but removes their punch. For a man with extrasensory powers of movement and agility it would make sense that he is harder to hit when he comes at you alone.

    Punisher: Marvel Knight

    The man in black himself Frank Castle makes his second appearance in the Dice Masters game here with this new OP prize card. The Punisher is the vigilante fan-favorite who takes the law into his own hands and uses vengeance and ''eye for an eye'' to all he brands as evil as his signature style.

    His original cards date back to the Avengers vs X-Men set that started this all. If you are anything like me, you have been patiently awaiting the return of The Punisher and we finally get a new version that appears in this OP kit. The Punisher is a 6 cost bolt character with the same Marvel Knights affiliation seen on Daredevil. He has the ability that when you take damage from an opposing ‘’when fielded’’character, he deals that same amount of damage to your opponent. Hello anti-Gobby weapon version of Punisher! He brings another way to mitigate that direct damage that we see in Gobby or any other when-fielded effects. This version of Mr. Castle will definitely be one I look forward to seeing in my collection and on my playmat in the near future!

    So there you have it-the newest OP kit from our friends at WizKids “Marvel Knights”. Which is your favorite? Which Marvel Knight character would you like to see next? Leave your ideas in the comments below!
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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Yes, I want all of these. And while Stinger is no Tsarina, she makes a nice "spank" for your opponent bringing Green Goliath. I think I like this version of Daredevil for game play as well as any I've seen. I like Guardian of Hell's Kitchen, and would like Radar Sense better if it didn't cost 4 pt.s, but I agree with you that this is a blindside card for a shield wall. (Didn't notice the pun until I reread it.) I always like using promo cards because at my level of play my opponents just aren't used to them. The Punisher is great, but 6 is a lot. Never mind, I still want them all....