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    So, sometimes, I have a busy weekend, and the rest of the community decides to do stuff anyway. I get a little left behind and I'm sure I miss something. Well, today I'm going to show you just how I keep up with these crazy weeks.

    Step One: Ask a friend what you missed.

    You do have a Dice Masters friend I assume? No? Well, use the site's community map to find a local person to chat with. Or, if there aren't any other locals, join a Facebook group and ask them! Dice Masters Discussions and Dice Masters Unlimited are good groups for community discussion, but I find that to make local friends you really want to look for groups centered on your nation/state/city level play. They are out there, whether you know it or not.

    So, once you've found your friend, just ask them what you missed. My friends told me that I missed Mexican Nationals details this week, as well as the last of the PDC state tournaments.

    Step Two: Check TRP's front page and listen to the podcast(s)

    Well, I don't usually listen to the podcasts... But this week I got to actually enjoy the discussion while doing the edits and uploads. Remember, each week we try to cover all WK announcements, WKRF rulings, PDC announcements and tournament reports in the first segment of the podcast, so even if you get overwhelmed by the length, just listen in for the first bit.

    The Front Page is also a great source for finding breaking news and in depth articles. It is also where you will find contest announcements when we make them! This week was especially busy, with some important WK announcements and national competition live coverage.

    Step Three: Check the Forums

    Honest admission here, I don't read every forum category. I by far don't read every post, or even every thread. For one, I tend to not have a large supply of cards for trade, nor do I buy much on the secondary market, so I avoid the trade threads. Additionally, I have found that commenting in the strategy thread makes me sound like a broken record, and I'd much rather share my strategy insights in articles and podcasts. I do check in every once in a while though, just to lithmus test the community strats.

    I do, however, read as much of general as I can, and all of the rules discussion threads. I prioritize rules discussion because that is the part of the game I love talking about most, but I realize many folks out there want the rules to be the rules and any discussion detracts from their enjoyment. To each their own, and that is why we have categorized threads, so we can find the stuff we have the time or interest to read.

    Remember though, the forums can be a gold mine of resources, especially in preparation for a big event or to plan a local fun format.

    Step Four: Read the Blogs

    Let's say you don't like my writing style, Isaacs content is mistargetted toward you and JT's humor just doesn't hit the slot for you. Check the blogs. We have several users who have been pounding out reliable content with creative takes on the scene and strategy of the game.

    Blogs can also bring real insight to the human aspect of the game, offering glimpses into the hearts and minds of players, in both the good times and the bad.

    Step Five: Tell a Friend.

    How does telling a friend what you have heard in the news help you? Maybe, you skipped step one. Maybe you felt like you picked up enough from Facebook, the front page and the forums. But, maybe you missed something. Maybe you missed a nuance or detail, maybe you just need to talk about the news and that can help you spark a new idea. Talking with the community, even if it's just your friend, helps foster and grow the community, game, meta and even casual aspects of the game. Remember, it's the community that makes this game great, and it's the participation in that community that helps foster it's healthy growth.

    Enjoy your Week!

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    1. agentj's Avatar
      agentj -
      Great thoughts and insight! The reserve pool is a site I visit multiple times a day. I never thought about growing the community before because it sounded like work. After reading this article I know that doing what I love, talking about dice masters and playing dice masters, grows the community. I can and will be doing that.