• Civil War Starter Video Review : Black Widow & Scarlet Spider

    Last time we took a look at Captain America, who one would assume to have the most cards in Marvel Dice Masters, but this week focuses on the actual most prolific card in Dice Masters: Black Widow. She is joined by the new kid on the block, Scarlet Spider making his second appearance in Marvel Dice Masters. One of these two characters a little underwhelming, but the other more than makes up for it with some fun and interesting abilities. Find out which is which in the week's video.

    As usual, I can't thank WizKids! enough for the opportunity to bring these videos to you.

    Check back in a few days for the next set of character reviews: Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon!

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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      I could see someone using the Black Widow Triple Agent as a cheap and easy way to be get around Iron Will, especially if Thunderbolts ends up being a playable affiliation. Great video, as always.