• Wizkids Keywords Page Updated...Plus a Spoiler!


    It shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm a huge fan of the "Keywords" page that Wizkids put up on their site. In addition to being a one-stop shop for every single keyword from all the DiceMasters Rulebooks, many of the definitions are worded more clearly to account for some of the rulings on them. For a quick reference, it's almost as valuable as our Lexicon Wiki Page

    The page was introduced last September, in advance of The Amazing Spider-Man, but hadn't been updated since then. Until today!

    We now have all the new keywords introduced in Faerūn Under Siege (Cleave, Fast, etc), World's Finest (Vengeance, Iron Will), and even the upcoming Civil War (Enlistment, Intimidate, Resistance). I would like to highlight three specific things:

    First, Iron Will. The definition now incorporates the ruling that simultaneous sources of damage will also KO a character with Iron Will. Small thing, but it means that Judges/TOs don't have to hunt down the specific ruling, but can just refer here to the definition.

    Second, Regenerate. It's a subtle change, but it no longer says "When a character is KO'd." It now says "When a character would be KO'd." Combining this with the ruling yesterday on stat boosts/affiliations persisting past being KO'd, makes me pretty sure that they are setting the keyword Regenerate apart from all other similar "When KO'd" effects. It explains why they would maintain their boosts - they don't actually get KO'd, but survive (like Sabretooth from UXM). The implications of this are that they wouldn't trigger any "When KO'd" effects like Retaliation - because they don't actually get KO'd. Compared to effects like Alfred Pennyworth: MI-5 who clearly do get KO'd but then are able to return to the Field (after losing any bonuses, but clearing their damage). The only thing waiting to be clarified is if they would still "count" for effects like BEWD or Fabricate.

    And thirdly, I believe I mentioned a spoiler? There's a new keyword on the page, being introduced in DC Comics Dice Masters #4 - Green Arrow and The Flash! Here's what it says:
    Impulse: Impulse abilities happen when you purchase a character die with the Impulse ability. The character does not need to be already active to use the Impulse ability. (DCDM4)
    This should open up a new area of game mechanics. For those of you who play board games, a similar type of mechanic was introduced in Dominion: Hinterlands. Within the Dice Masters universe, I can see this being like some effects we've already seen (going straight to Prep when purchased), or new things. Could you imagine a one-sided Global, triggered not on paying an energy for it but when you buy a die? Or granting your already fielded characters abilities (like Overcrush, for example) when you buy the character you want to get anyways? It's even thematic with The Flash being super-fast and able to do things before people can react. I can't wait to see what the designers can do with this mechanic!

    So again, thanks to Wizkids for taking the time to update this invaluable resource for us!