• "Pimp My Mat" Turn One Contest Results

    I'm excited to share with you the results of our contest! Check out the short video below for the winners. If you won, you've already received an email from me. Remember that international winners will need to provide the difference between what it costs us to ship domestically and what it costs us to ship to your country.

    Have a look below!

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    1. jevansfp's Avatar
      jevansfp -
      Thanks Dave and the rest if the TRP staff. Looking forward to my new playmat.
    1. JasonG's Avatar
      JasonG -
      Great contest, with awesome entries! Thanks TRP!
    1. whisperni's Avatar
      whisperni -
      New contest, to play a full game of dice masters in that ball pit.
    1. themadking's Avatar
      themadking -
      I.... kinda want to make one of those 'Direction' playmats (The first 1st place winner one).

      That was a running joke for a couple years in the yugioh scene, and I always thought they were hilarious, even made a couple myself. Always wanted to make a real one though.