• Civil War Spoiler: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

    YOU GUYS! The most important news in the history of Dice Masters is here! Thanks to the good people at WizKids, I can share with you the most powerful character in the history of the Marvel Universe. She has defeated Dr. Doom, Thanos, and even Galactus. And, if you pre-order a Marvel Civil War Starter Set from your Friendly Local Game Shop, she can join your team and make you Unbeatable. We are speaking, of course, of Squirrel Girl!

    Doreen Green is not just a Computer Science major at Empire State University and former nanny to the child of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones... oh, no. She is also the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! She's a mutant1 who was introduced in 1992's Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special. She has super strength, speed, agility, and the ability to talk to squirrels. It is this last ability that has allowed her to defeat many villains and heroes in the Marvel Universe, so naturally it is the one featured on her first Dice Masters card. She is also, by the way, a former member of the Great Lakes Avengers (AKA Great Lakes X-Men, AKA Great Lakes Initiative, AKA The Lightning Rods...er, ok, that last one is not quite as cool). Sadly, this affiliation did NOT make it onto her card... this time.

    SG is currently featured in her own ongoing Marvel title called, are you ready (?), the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! The most recent issue was a special "Choose Your Own Adventure" style story... AND IT WAS AWESOME! JUST LIKE SQUIRREL GIRL IS! I mean, look at this panel from the Great Lakes Avengers Christmas Special #1:

    I dare you to tell me that this isn't awesome.

    Where was I? Oh yeah... without further ado, I present Squirrel Girl - Kick Butts, Eat Nuts!

    This card is amazing. She is a 3 cost character, with a stat line of 0/2/2 1/3/2 1/3/3. Her ability, however, is what sets her apart: "While Squirrel Girl is active, at the end of your turn, add a squirrel counter to this card. During your turn, when you may use a Global Ability, you may remove a squirrel counter and place a squirrel token with 1A and 1D into the Field Zone. You may have up to 4 Squirrel tokens in the Field Zone at once." I can hear you asking yourself this question: "Self, what sort of tokens could I possibly use for squirrel counters and the squirrel tokens themselves?" I'm glad you asked, I truly am...


    The Squirrel Tokens even thoughtfully provide the names of four of her most famous furry friends and, even though Tippy-Toe is the only one still hiding acorns and running across power lines in the comics, you can call on all of them to come to your aid at a moment's notice!

    Out of all of the special pre-order promo cards that we have received so far, this one has the best chance of affecting the Meta (sorry Minsc and Boo!). The most obvious use for her, in general, are instant blockers (just add acorns). But, you can also use them to attack. Throw a Transfer Power or Mystic Box on your team, let your opponent field a Hulk, and suddenly you have a skull smashing Sciuridae. Or, SG could team up with a certain angry man with a Lantern Ring to make a "Squirrel GUY" team. And, who knows what characters from Civil War itself can team up with Ms. Green to put the hurting on your opponent?

    Make sure to grab your Squirrel Girl card, die, and tokens when you pick up your Civil War pre-order from the FLGS... and be prepared to "Kick Butts and Eat Nuts!"

    1 Well, possibly a mutant. Her mother has claimed that Doreen's doctor had declared the following: "Doreen is medically and legally distinct from being a mutant, and I can never take this back." But, you know, that's just one doctor's opinion... and he probably wasn't even Octopus OR Strange.
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    1. Kaladin's Avatar
      Kaladin -
      It's everything I ever wanted....
    1. grundalow's Avatar
      grundalow -
      Bard + Squirrel Girl = Amazing
    1. vash989's Avatar
      vash989 -
      Excellent write up as always Oddball.
    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      Quote Originally Posted by grundalow View Post
      Bard + Squirrel Girl = Amazing
      While you are correct, I was trying to keep from saying anything that would help a Bard team. They really don't need the help.

      Also, if we are being honest, Anything + Squirrel Girl = Amazing.
    1. grundalow's Avatar
      grundalow -
      Quote Originally Posted by OddballNarwhal View Post
      Anything + Squirrel Girl = Amazing.
      True. This fact should be added to the Wiki.
    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      I'm going to say something that I never thought I'd say about ANY card: Squirrel Girl > Batmobile. (I think I just died a little inside... but the truth is the truth).
    1. Rhyno's Avatar
      Rhyno -
      Are these shipped automatically to stores to give out or do stores have to order them special separately? Our FLGS never got the Bat Mite promo for the last time as far as I know, just curious if we should ask them to order them special or if they should be getting them.
    1. cbone3's Avatar
      cbone3 -
      I may or may not have just purchased 4 MTG Japanese Squirrel tokens on eBay.

      Also, @Rhyno , my local store had BatMite and Belaphoss, but didn't know that they were supposed to be given out with the starters. I asked, they looked it up and I got them without any hassle.
    1. Rhyno's Avatar
      Rhyno -
      I'll have to ask, because we didn't get Balaphoss either, I actually forgot about that one. Squirrel Girl is the first one I actually really want thought of them, so I just wanted to check.
    1. grundalow's Avatar
      grundalow -
      @OddballNarwhal - do the tokens come with the card & die?
    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      Quote Originally Posted by grundalow View Post
      @OddballNarwhal - do the tokens come with the card & die?
      Yes. It should be the card, the die, and four double sided acorn/squirrel tokens.
    1. JasonG's Avatar
      JasonG -
      Excellent article @OddballNarwhal as usual. Always an entertaining read.
      How does that old saying go?....If's and but's were squirrels and nuts, we'd all have a merry christmas.
      Ho ho ho!
    1. alleyviper's Avatar
      alleyviper -
      Negatory on the instant blockers idea, they can only be put into play during your turn.

      e: I really, really hate the art choice for this.
    1. RastaBot808's Avatar
      RastaBot808 -
      Now do they count as sidekicks or actual characters since each token has a name?
    1. Scum's Avatar
      Scum -
      Quote Originally Posted by RastaBot808 View Post
      Now do they count as sidekicks or actual characters since each token has a name?
      They definitely don't count as sidekicks. The real question is if the squirrels have individual names or if they're all named "Squirrel" since the card doesn't give the token names, and theoretically you could use anything to represent the squirrel tokens. Brain says they're all named "Squirrel" based on card text, gut says they have individual names and WK did a poor job wording the card since that's how they tend to do things. I'm leaning heavily toward "Squirrel" being the actual name of the tokens since they even capitalize the word in the card text.
    1. fun4willis's Avatar
      fun4willis -
      Based on this previous WKRF ruling, I'd expect the tokens to be considered characters. But not sidekicks.

    1. jevansfp's Avatar
      jevansfp -
      Attachment 5066

      Squirrel Bard
    1. CynicalPuppy's Avatar
      CynicalPuppy -
      Am curious if the tokens would be considered to be "fielded" when coming into play, like would they trigger Human Torch (Johnny Storm)?

      Also, yeah she is amazing! Loved the article!
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      Quote Originally Posted by CynicalPuppy View Post
      Am curious if the tokens would be considered to be "fielded" when coming into play, like would they trigger Human Torch (Johnny Storm)?

      Also, yeah she is amazing! Loved the article!
      It says "place into Field", so no they wouldn't be fielded.

      Also the "names" on the squirrels should be considered flavor only, like a subtitle.
    1. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
      DiceDiceKitty -
      I may have to do an article on my page about her. I'm so digging this card! I wish Drizzt had a token for his panther too... I tried to blank the sides of some of my extra bazillions of Sidekick dice, but I didn't see it being worth the effort to put into it, just for a token I'll probably never play.

      But this card - I could totally see using her! This card makes me want to read her comics.

      Great read OddballNarwahl. I enjoy all the articles on here - just don't comment much. XD