• Civil War Starter Video Review : Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon

    We've already looked at the basic actions and half the characters and are rounding the bend into the home stretch. Last time we took a look at Black Widow and Scarlet Spider. This week we look at two of the greatest inventors in the Marvel Universe, Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon. Iron Man brings our first look at the new keyword Enlistment along with some defensive abilities, and Rocket comes in an even more aggressive package than he did in the Age of Ultron set.

    As usual, I can't thank WizKids! enough for the opportunity to bring these videos to you.

    Check back in a few days for the last set of character reviews: She-Hulk and Wasp! I saved my favorites for last!

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    1. GNGJ's Avatar
      GNGJ -
      Thanks Trubie! Nice video as usual. Squirrel Girl at 2 minutes and 40 seconds!
    1. pwaa's Avatar
      pwaa -
      Goddamn you tease. I want my Doreen Green!

      Also, I can actually see Not a Racoon working well with Vicious Struggle or maybe some Hulk teams, got some potential there for quick turnaround and repeated quick chip...
    1. Kaladin's Avatar
      Kaladin -
      If I don't get to see Squirrel Girl soon, I may possibly explode.