• Team Brew Switcharoo 12: A Dime a Dozen

    Hello everyone! After a few weeks off, I'm ready to try another experiment. We will take ten random cards (eight Characters/Non-Basic Actions and two Basic Actions). Then, using only four swaps, we will try to turn that ragtag team of cardboard and plastic into a murderous mob of steel and dynamite! To guide the build, we will also randomly select a Meta Rule that all of the swaps have to follow. Let us try our hand at a little Team Brew Switcharoo!

    As always, I've randomly selected our starting point using dm.retrobox.eu. That's dm.retrobox.eu: "Nothing will make you a Dice Master faster!" (Promotional consideration paid for by dm.retrobox.eu*).


    There is some good stuff in there, some bad stuff in there, and Common Vixen. It'll be interesting to see what Meta Rule we have to follow to shape our build...

    About that Meta Rule: there was a very strange occurrence today while I thought about the best way to select one. I was in my office**, and had covered my chalkboard with ideas. The words were starting to swim around in front of my eyes, and I thought a nice walk would do me some good. On my way out, I passed our janitor and bade him good afternoon. He smiled and went into my room to tidy up a bit while I was enjoying a balmy spring afternoon.

    When I returned with fresh ideas beating out a samba in my skull, I saw something that left me flabbergasted. My formulae had all been erased, but instead an elegant solution had been written in their place! Someone had solved my conundrum, and had done it with only two sentences! It was... astounding! To think that such Team Brew Switcharoo genius resided right here... but who could have done it!?! Such a masterpiece! SUCH BEAUTY! It said simply: "Only Ladies can be swapped in. Also, you are out of garbage bags." While we will never know who did it, we can build upon their work. In fact, let's see if we can make an all female force to be reckoned with!

    Let's take a closer look at our starting team. I love this version of Jade for ramp, we just need to make sure she can get Knocked Out. Wonder Woman is not bad, and is a decent attacker in a pinch. This version of Magic Helmet is underutilized, but is actually pretty nice on the right character. It's too bad that all of our current peeps don't enjoy wearing hats.

    On the other side of things, Dark Phoenix and Emma Frost both have very specific triggers for their abilities. Loki is nice, but almost too expensive (and not the Lady Loki that would fit on this team). And then there's that Vixen...

    Ok, I seriously don't have a plan. Let's just start swapping and see what happens!

    So, I'm really digging that Magic Helmet, and want to take advantage of it. In that case, I better make my first swap someone who can actually wear the darn thing. To kick this off, let's swap Hulk for Halfling Thief: Minion Harper.

    The Halfling Thief is good in this spot, because she can wear a Helmet, she is inexpensive, and she has a decent When Fielded ability. If we can get that hat on her dome, then we are almost certain that every time she attacks, she'll either get through or get KO'd (so we can field her again). If we can attack with her and Jade at the same time, we can almost guarantee that Jade will get blocked (and hopefully Knocked Out to give us a teeny bit of ramp) while the Thief skates through for a little bit of damage and a cycle back through the bag.

    In fact, let's take that strategy a bit further. Our next swap will be Loki for Black Widow - Stinger.

    Let's face it: I'm partial to this card. She has won several games for me in Amazing Spider-Man drafts. Using the logic above for Jade, we can slap a helmet on the Thief and then start attacking with BW. Usually, our opponent will apply one blocker to stop this character instead of two to stop the Thief (unless they have walled up of course). Either way, this is a good support card and, since it is energy, we can use it to power our Resurrection.

    Now that we have gotten rid of the dudes on the team, we can start swapping a couple of the ladies for female characters that are a bit more... useful. With that in mind, my third swap will be Emma Frost for Gamora - Raised by Thanos.

    Gamora's Global is pretty amazing sometimes. It allows a lowly Sidekick to Knock Out a Hulk. Or, it allows a lowly Sidekick to knock out a Jade (or a Thief, for that matter). Suddenly, our opponent has to double reconsider their blocks knowing that they might lose a character if we are able to keep a Fist back in the Reserve Pool.

    With just one spot left, I'm torn. We could swap in a bit more muscle, or we can continue this trend of "Death by a Thousand Stingers/Daggers/Whatever-Weapon-Jade-Uses***". We could also do with a bit of Character Removal... so, with that in mind, my last swap will be Phoenix - Dark Phoenix for Phoenix - Ms. Psyche.

    Now, assuming there are no pesky Global Blockers out in the field, we can get rid of a character for the cost of a and a . We can force them to attack with Phoenix, then finish them with Gamora. We can also force larger fellers to attack, then block them with Black Widow to trigger Aftershock, or with Jade to prep a die. This is also the least expensive version of Phoenix, so we can potentially buy her for a heavy hitter.

    All things being equal, I think we've put together a formidable squad. Let's scatter some dice on some cards... and there we go!


    x3 x3 x3 x3
    x1 x4 x2 x1

    Here is the basic strategy for this team. First, stare your opponent right in their beady evil eyes as you slap down four Vixen dice. Then, during the actual game, start buying small characters (Thief and Widow) early. Ramp a little with Res Global, and make a play for Jade. Ideally, you can buy all three characters and ramp on the turn you purchase Jade. Start forcing attacks into your Jade or Thief, and fill your bag with cheaper cost dice to take advantage of Thief's When Fielded ramp/churn ability. Eventually, using some well-timed Taunts with Phoenix and KOs from Gamora, you should gain the dice advantage. Bonus points for purchasing a Vixen, and then using that die to deal the killing blow.

    So, what do you think? What would YOU have done differently? Did I swap out a game winner with either OP Phoenix or Emma Frost? Would Melinda May and Maria Hill have been a better combo? Did I overestimate the psychological edge that bringing the maximum number of dice for the (possibly) worst overall card in the game would give me? Let me know in the comments below what you might have done differently.

    Next weekend, some of us are going to be traveling to WizKids Open events around the United States. Doing mental exercises like this can be a good way to get your mind limber enough to create the next Meta Shifting team that will take the competitive world by storm. It can also help you think around corners for your next draft event, forcing you think on your feet with a restriction in place.

    Team Brew Switcharoo will be off next week for WKOs, so until next time (two weeks from now): keep creating combos, brewing boffo bands of battlers, and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks!

    * This is not true, I just really like the site.
    ** I totes have an office.
    *** According to Wikipedia, that would be a birthmark and a Lantern Ring. Which is pretty cool, actually.
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    1. jourdo's Avatar
      jourdo -
      I knew Vixen would be the key to this team!
    1. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
      DiceDiceKitty -
      I want to put this together and try it in one of our upcoming events. It looks fun and I'm totally going to win a game with Vixen!!! :P
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      I think this is one of your strongest teams yet, especially for one using no Super Rares or Promo Cards. I hadn't even wrapped my brain around that devastating Gamora Phoenix combo, which I will now be using, for sure. Because in the "real gaming world" I can keep swapping out, I think I'm going to try a variation on this team and make one more swap at least (not sure about Wonder Woman) and get rid of common Vixen and put in common Superwoman. By doing this, I can almost certainly assure myself of a first turn purchase of Jade or Superwoman, and unless my opponent has real Global Hate I can purchase either one of these characters any time I want to that I don't roll character faces in a throw.
    1. Awesome Dave's Avatar
      Awesome Dave -
      This is brilliant and, as always, vastly entertaining. Can you start doing two a week?!