• Store Report Ep. 4: Mexico City

    Welcome back everyone to our Mexico Store Report Episode!

    Today I'll be talking a little bit about the scene in Mexico, a recap of the winning teams from Mexico Nationals, and what teams I ran in the 3 different events.

    First off, here is an interview I did with Gamers Events MX Event Coordinator Dionisio de Velasco Hinojosa:

    Adolfo (Event TO), myself and Dionisio.

    TheConductr: Can you give all of us a little insight into how you were able to set up these high-level Dice Masters and HeroClix events without a storefront?

    Dionisio: One day, on a 2014 night, I was driving with my co-conspirator Raśl, when suddenly I asked him what would we need to do to get an official Wizkids event to Mexico. He answered gleefully and a tad sarcastically, that we needed to know the right people, have the attitude and a lot of guts, because it would not be easy. Thankfully we had all three.

    We met with then distributor Carant Entertainment to help us make this crazy dream a reality. They connected us with the right people at Wizkids, and from then on, it was all work and no play. The first year, it was a success. We had 130 Heroclix players assist our event and play their heads off winning fabulous prizes, that then OP Manager Gerome Gonyeau helped us get. On the second year, we wanted to broaden our horizons and being more ambitious we expanded the tournament to include Dice Masters and Attack Wing. Another success with 150 players! Even though there was a large difference in the amount of HeroClix and Dice Masters players, I believed that the Dice Masters game, beautiful in itself, needed to open up to a whole new audience and try to bring new people into it. On our third year, we expanded our media budget, with the hopes of attracting more players and people into the community. The result was positive, having another increase in players and resulting in another successful event!

    TheConductr: How has the relationship with WizKids developed over the past three years?

    Dionisio; Along with Devir, Wizkids has gone out of its way to help us throughout the years. They have been key players within the community, helping us with special editions, publicity and most of all, helping us overcome the barriers we have encountered. Yes we have had many obstacles to overcome which we are constantly trying to improve, and hopefully we will someday host a great event with more than 250 attendees!

    TheConductr: Well I for one can vouch for the organization and professionalism of the event this year! I was blown away by the communication and atmosphere that you and your staff were able to create and foster! I want to personally thank you again for your hospitality while I was in your great city and I'm looking forward to attending again next year!

    Dionisio: Our pleasure, and we're looking forward to hosting you and hopefully more of your friends next year!

    As promised, here are the team lists for the top 4 teams at Mexoco Nationals:

    Victor, Ulises, myself, and Gustavo outside my hotel after Nationals celebrating their victory!

    Victor's (xXWOLFXx) Winning Team at Mexico Nations - also Gustavo's (Morphling) 2nd place

    Big Entrance
    Characters & Actions
    Guy Gardner Blinding Rage x4
    Miri Riam Beacon in the Dark x4
    Elf Thief Lesser Harper x4
    Giant Spider Greater Spider x2
    Silver Surfer Sky Rider x1
    Kryptonite Green Death x2
    Red Dragon Greater Dragon x1
    Constantine Hellblazzer x2

    Ulises' (PandaR0VZ) 3rd Place:
    Morphing Jar Canopic Jar x4
    Miri Riam Beacon in the Dark x3
    Giant Spider Greater Spider x3
    Half- Elf Bard Master Lords Alliance c3
    Scarecrow Hallusinogenic Vapors x2
    Prismatic Spray Lesser Spell x3
    Ring Epic Gear x1
    Blue Eyes-White Dragon Monstrous Dragon x1

    4th Place:

    Magic Missile
    Constantine Hellbalzer x2
    Black Widow Tsarina x4
    Green Goblin Gobby x4
    Wasp Founding Avenger x3
    Human Torch Jonhy Storm x2
    Hulk Green Goliath x2
    Primatic Spray Lesser Spell x2
    Professor Xavier Trainer x1

    *Note that if you look up the results in the WIN there was an input error and it does not reflect the actual placement of the winners.

    Obviously this was the last sanctioned WizKids event to allow Relentless/Swords, so it will be interesting to see how these hyper aggressive teams are adapted in the future without those two BAC's.

    And lastly, here are the three teams that I ran each day:

    Qualifier #1 (2-2)

    This is basically the Transfer Power team that I ran in Austin at my WKO and placed top 4. The only changes from that team was Oracle instead of Jinzo and Rarecrow for ZMags (our slang name for Rare WF Scarecrow). I love Transfer Power and my shields, so I felt very comfortable playing this team.

    Qualifier #2 (1-2)

    This is my favorite team that I've built to date. If you're not prepared for Imprisoned, it's game over before you realize it. Adding bard to the team from the version I placed 3rd with at my State PDC really helps it win faster once I've started my improsoned sequence!

    Mexico Nationals: (1-2)

    Not much that I need say about this one. I dropped parallax for Rarecrow and DCK for Giant Spider. Rarecrow is amazing if you haven't played with it. Stealing your opponents character that they want to attack into you with, or stealin something they have to attack them with on your turn, is just flat out amazing, and vicious. I was able to use it to steal someone's Red Dragon in the qualifiers (other team that had Rarecrow). It was wild.

    As I previously noted, the meta was super aggro, which my first two teams had a bit of an issue mitigating. Bard was everywhere, and so was Guy. And obviously going 2nd 9 out of my 10 games didn't help!

    Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more store reports from Europe and across the US!

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      Great deeper look into the event. I always enjoy seeing how they do things at other stores, much less how they do in other countries.