• TMNT Review of the Turtle Friends

    Hello fellow Dice Masters fans! I know we just finished up a wild weekend of dicing at our WKO2 events, but it's never too early to take a look at the next set that is coming out for Dice Masters - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! If you haven't heard about this new set, and its new format, here is a quick recap. This is a self-contained set, meaning there is not a "starter" to buy, no foil packs, etc. It is an all-in-one set. You receive all of the cards for the set and max dice. The set is also designed as a 4 player matchup (2 vs. 2), which is a very different, and exciting, take on the game!

    This review of the unaligned characters of this set will cover the non-villain, non-Turtle characters, who are generally considered friends or mentors of the Turtles themselves. This review will be mainly focusing on "in set" use, with a brief thought about its use out of set. As always, these reviews are initial thoughts and are not to be taken as the gold standard!


    April O'Neil has always been, for me, the true turtles sidekick. When I think of the Turtles out on an adventure it either involves rescuing or being rescued by April. A stead fast companion, and really their closest friend. In this set, that friendship is exemplified by April's ability to either buff or churn turtle dice, as well as sidekick dice. I see her ability to buff sidekicks as her liaising between the real world and the Turtles. The ally keyword, is of course appropriate with April being nothing more than a reporter, and thus the Turtle's perpetual sidekick. Lastly, we can compare the buffs April passes out and likely value die draw( or churn) over attack, and attack over defense. This leaves us with "Ninja in Training" as the best version of April, making up for her 3 cost in her first fielding.

    Casey Jones

    Casey Jones has to me always been the guy who shows up just in time to back up the Turtles, so that they could take on Shredder, while Casey distracts the entire legion of Foot Soldiers. He does that in this set too. Whether your strategy is to go aggressive and get your turtles in for damage, or to use Casey to wall up against your opponent's bigger thugs, he's there for you. In set, "Pain 101" makes for a great wall character, with everyone except for Splinter and the turtles triggering his blocking/blocked effect. "Lunatic Vigilante" can abuse the same prevalence to get through unblocked, over and over again. But, both in set and out, it is Mutant Hunter that is the shining star here. In set, Casey can force all of your opponent's SKs and villains to block him, while out of set, a villain maker global allows you to force any character to block Casey, clearing the way for your Turtles or Bards to go through unblocked!


    Master Splinter, whether you see him as a rat trained by an ancient ninjitsu master, or a mutant creature who read a book on the art, he's a pillar in the tale of the Turtles, their guiding light and source of wisdom. In set there's 6 different Splinters to choose from, and something you'll need to share or split up when playing 2 or 4 player. Taking a look at the 6 cards as a whole, I see splinter as a moment of clarity in the ADD riddled adventures of the Teenage Turtles. When you field Splinter, your Turtles, or other characters of a particular type, gain some sort of benefit. Splinter himself has great stats, with the animated series art Splinter having balanced stats and focusing on Fist and Bolt characters, while the Comic art Splinter has more defensive stats, a focus on shield and mask characters and some synergy with the turtle affiliation. It's this last part that makes the Comic art Splinter the better choice on a Turtle team in this set. Specifically, "Ninja Master", and his ability to give all turtle dice +2/+2 for the turn, at only 5 cost to purchase. The two sets of Splinters each have a 5 cost, 6 cost and 7 cost, and with such widely varying costs, his abilities don't scale as directly. This leans me toward the 5 cost almost every time. I will say though, that the 7 cost "Master Splinter" is probably the only non-5 cost that I would use over the cheaper versions. He brings a pretty powerful, in set board clear mechanic for the cost difference.

    Well, there you go folks, the Friends and Family, as it were, of the Turtles. Personally I'm looking forward to seeing Casey Jones roll out of this set, but am also really looking forward to getting some TMNT limited action going on! What about you?
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    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      I love that Casey Jones also, great card
    1. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
      DiceDiceKitty -
      I love April, Channel 6 Reporter and Splinter, Ninja Master together with some of the Turtles.
      Casey Jones is really cool too - Mutant Hunter is also a favorite of mine.
      I'm so pumped for this set!