• 2016 WizKids Regional at Salt Lake City Gaming Convention

    This weekend is your last chance to qualify for the US Nationals prior to Origins 2016, and you can find your chance at the 2016 Salt Lake City Gaming Convention. For those unfamiliar with it, you can find all the info you need in regards to WizKids events HERE. And if you would like more info on the Con, check out the SLCG site.

    The structure is similar to past Regionals with prizes as follows:


    Dice Masters Super Rare Set
    2016 Dice Masters U.S. National Championship Qualification

    Top 2
    DC Comics Dice Masters Mr. Mxyzptlk: 5th Dimension Full Art Card
    Marvel Dice Masters Hulk: Green Goliath Full Art Card

    Top 4
    DC Comics Dice Masters Guy Gardner: Blinding Rage Full Art Card
    Marvel Dice Masters Blink: Exile Full Art Card

    Top 8
    DC Comics Dice Masters Oracle: Master Investigator Full Art Card
    Marvel Dice Masters Loki: Laufeyson Full Art Card

    Participation Prize
    DC Comics Dice Masters Terry McGinnis: Batman Beyond Sketch Variant Card and Die
    Marvel Dice Masters Melinda May: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sketch Variant Card and Die

    So are you going? We could use some eyes on the ground there if you are-please let us know in the comments below!
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    1. whisperni's Avatar
      whisperni -
      I will be there and I am happy to report on it afterwards. I will plan on bringing my camera so I can get a few photos of the event.
    1. whisperni's Avatar
      whisperni -
      The regional event was a lot of fun today. Full review coming soon, John won the event with a slightly varied bard blitz/bard canadian nats team

      He ran
      Half-Elf Bard
      Miri Riam
      Morphing Jar
      Elf Thief
      Dwarf Wizard
      Clay Golem: Greater Construct
      Prismatic Spray

      Second Place ran the Exact team from Canadian Nationals
    1. jojodadevil's Avatar
      jojodadevil -
      Is there a video of the matches?
    1. whisperni's Avatar
      whisperni -
      Quote Originally Posted by jojodadevil View Post
      Is there a video of the matches?
      No, no video of the event but a lot of pictures were taken.