• Team Brew Switcharoo 15: Bardhouse In Your Soul

    Hello everyone! Today I would like to try an experiment. We are going to take ten random cards (eight characters and non-basic actions, and two basic actions) and, by making only four swaps, we will try to create something that is at least a hair better than ten random cards! We will also be randomly selecting a Meta Rule to guide our build. Our goal, such as it is, to try and find a new combo and to explore some cards we may not have given a second look in the past. So, if everyone is ready, let's go ahead and try some Team Brew Switcharoo!

    Using the outstanding dm.retrobox.eu website, we have randomly selected our starting point:


    Now THAT is what I'm talking about! Look at that good stuff! First, we have the hottest (and perhaps most controversial... although there is some controversy about that) card in the current Meta: the Half-Elf Bard - Master Lord's Alliance. We also have perennial favorite Black Widow - Stinger and the dreaded "Rarecrow". Things are looking up already. On the strength of the Bard alone, I might be able to make a competitive team that could even be used in a tournament. I could win Nationals. Heck... I COULD WIN WORLDS!!!

    Ok, let me get a hold of myself. We need to focus. I'm going to keep it simple when selecting the Meta Rule. No fancy supercomputers, talking to spirits, or time travel. I will simply spin the wheel. The wheel of Meta Rules. The wheel that will not let me down, and will let me build this team around the most powerful card in the game.

    Well... fudge.

    Well, sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear chooses a random rule that says that you cannot use any characters on your finished team. C'est la vie. Well, let's take a look at what we CAN use, and see where we can take this team.

    First, and most obvious, the Rarecrow. The Scarecrow - Hallucinogenic Vapors is a blockbuster card, so we should think about building around it. Shazam! might be interesting, even though he'll be tough to purchase and use at a cost of six. Cable can be helpful with that Global, and his character ability could do some work for us.

    On the other side of things: Red Eyes Blue Dragon is expensive and doesn't do much for us with this version of the card. Nick Fury is not any help to us at all, unless we want to load up with Avengers (spoiler alert: we don't).

    Ok, I have the beginnings of a plan. And, as with all plans, it must have a beginning. So, the beginnings of the plan that has a beginning is: swap Black Widow for Casey Jones - Mutant Hunter.

    This Casey Jones is probably my favorite card from the TMNT set. He does all of the things that Giant Spider from Faerun Under Siege does, but he also throws Villains into the mix. If only we had a way to make sure that we are going to be facing Villains...

    Which leads to my second swap: Half-Elf Bard is tagging out, and Iron Man - Tinhead is tagging in.

    Now THIS is a combo. Casey and Tony, making things virtually unblockable (assuming the energy is there, of course). Who needs Swords of Relentless Light when we have Stark and Jones?

    Next, let's address Scarecrow. We need a way to KO him on demand, and that usually means BEWD. This time, however, let's try it with some style. Our next swap will be Zombie for The Talisman of Ultimate Evil.

    Imagine this scenario: We have two Scarecrows in the field, and our opponent has four dice in theirs. We can, if we want, use the Talisman to KO our two 'Crows and two of their characters. Then, we take control of the remaining two characters and punch through for damage. It could be fun, even if the timing (and roll) needs to be perfect.

    Finally, we want to go ahead and look at buying that big Non-Basic Action and also having a big critter to swing through with when we clear that field. To do these things, we will go ahead and make our final swap Nick Fury for Red Dragon - Greater Dragon.

    We can now buy the Talisman on the first turn, and pick up some other things as needed.

    So, let's drop some dice down on the team... and here is what we have.


    x3 x4 x4 x2
    x1 x2 x2 x2

    Here is the tentative strategy: we need to grab the Talisman, a Scarecrow, and at least one Casey Jones in the first three turns. We can pick up Iron Mans as needed, but really the crux of the team is here. We have a couple of avenues to skate down to damage our opponent. Option the first: we can make multiple opponent's characters villains, then attack with Casey Jones to force the block and clearing the way. Option number dos: we can field a Scarecrow or three, and then knock them out with the Talisman. Once we grab some big attackers, we'll push them through for damage. This team isn't perfect, but it does contain two combos that potentially can help clear out your opponent's blockers and let through some damage.

    I can yammer on about this team, but the important thing is what you think. Did the No Shield Character rule hurt us too much to recover from? Should we have kept Nick Fury and went heavy with Avengers? Is TMBG merely the greatest band of the last forty years, or of all time?

    Until next time, keep creating combos, brewing boffo bands of battlers, and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks!
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    1. Jwannabe's Avatar
      Jwannabe -
      Easy answer. Never keep nick fury. Thanks for another good article!
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Yes, I looked at the basic draw and saw the Bard and the Widow, then the rule and sort of lost it. This is a great example of not getting married to a strategy, even in building or you risk missing other things with great potential (especially in an ever changing meta). Great article, as always. I want this Talisman.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Love the 2 v 4 idea w Talisman suddenly shifting the odds ever in your favor
    1. Awesome Dave's Avatar
      Awesome Dave -
      Solid article, as always. Thanks for a terrific discussion!