• The Reserve Pool Podcast Season 2 Episode 29 Origins Prep 2 Part 2

    Isaac, Stuart and Shadowmeld give all the details and low-down about Origins and surviving the Con experience.

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    1. Bankholdup's Avatar
      Bankholdup -
      I'm excited to try Jeni's. We have it here in Chicago but I've been patient for the last year knowing that I would have the opportunity to try it where it began.

      The best ice cream I've ever had is The Salt and Straw in Portland. I'm curious to see if Jeni's can take down the king.
    1. Bankholdup's Avatar
      Bankholdup -
      Also can anyone comment on public transit and Uber availability? My hotel is about six miles from the convention center and I don't plan on driving because parking seems like a hassle.
    1. Dicelover's Avatar
      Dicelover -
      SLC Regional was not Bard heavy. You had the two teams in the finals, there was another player playing the exact same team that won. and another that had Bard on the team, but it was not a Bard rush type of team.
      While he was strong in the Top 4 ( I was the only one who did not have him on my team) overall in the tourney not many players were using him.
    1. Basementcuts's Avatar
      Basementcuts -
      Jomar is bringing air freshener to spray Texas sized smells. I completely agree on North Market, so many good food options there. I believe the WK fan appreciation is at the Hotel literally just across the street from the convention doors on high street. It's go time everyone!