• Team Brew Switcharoo 16: Sweet

    Hello again everyone! Today, I'd like to try an experiment. We will take ten random cards (eight characters/non-basic actions and two basic actions). We will then make four swaps to try and find some combos that maybe have flown under the radar. In order to guide our swaps, we will also be following a randomly chosen Meta Rule. That's how this nonsensical article works... so let's get to it!

    Using the lovely team building and info website dm.retrobox.eu, I've randomly selected our starting team.

    Now to pick our random Meta Rule. Today, when this article is published, the date is 6/11/16. In most of the world outside the United States, though, it is written 11/6. When cross referenced against the alphabet using a standard 0-Start cipher, it translates to LG. Now, divide the into segments, take two-thirds of the segments to form a new letter, and you get a "C". As well all know, LC can only stand for "Little Cup". So, our team must be all commons to be Little Cup legal.

    Let's take a look at our starting point. Right away, the lack of low cost characters is obviously an issue. We have the Orc... and that's it for two or three cost characters. Quicksilver might be useful to clear out some Sidekicks, even if it will give our opponent some nice ramp-portunities on their next turn. Wasp is another card that we might get some mileage out of, and Scarlet Spider can find a home as well. Maybe.

    On the other side of things: both the Lantern Power Ring and Limited Wish are Rare, so they gots to go. Hulk is fairly useless for us, so we'll want to find someone to sub in for him. Overall, this hasn't been the best starting position. I feel good about our chances to make a good team. So, let's get started.

    I've been beating my head against the wall here, and I don't think that I need to. Since we don't have anything to hang our hat on, let's start from scratch. Our first swap is going to be the Lantern Power Ring for Lyssa Drak - Keeper of the Book of Parallax.

    I have a plan in mind.

    Our second swap will continue that plan, and will be Limited Wish for Halfling Thief - Lesser Lords Alliance.

    This is one of my favorite "terrible twosomes" in Little Cup play. The idea, of course, is to clog their bag with so many Sidekicks that they will only be rolling those same four every turn.

    Our next swap will be to insure that we get the blocks that we want, and that is going to be Wasp for... Wasp?

    By swapping in Wasp - Fashionista, we can call those blocks when and where we want them. Also, this version of Wasp does cost 1 less to purchase, which might help us as we aren't bringing any native forms of ramp.

    Finally, with our last swap, we are going to tie the whole thing together with the (arguably) best common character in the game. Our final swap will be Hulk for Beholder - Lesser Aberration (FUS).

    Not only is his ability of the highest order of tubularness and raditude, but his stat line is pretty great... especially for a 4 cost .

    Let's go ahead and scatter some dice around...

    x3 x2 x3 x3
    x3 x2 x2 x2

    The plan is two fold:
    Fold 1) Buy a Lyssa Drak and some Thieves.
    Fold 2) Buy a Beholder.

    Once Lyssa and at least one Thief is in place, then you are ready. Field that Beholder, pump up the Thief with +1 Attack from the Enrage Global and then name a character with the Wasp Global to force a block, name that same character with Lyssa Drak, then attack with Beholder and the Thief. You can put two Sidekicks in their bag, and then two more when they block with the named character. Quicksilver can do some fun things to KO some Sidekicks if needed (to get them back into rotation), and Groot can block like a champ.

    This may not be my most original team, but I love that combo. More importantly, though, what do you think of it? Did I chase the wrong dragon here? Speaking of Dragons... did I miss a huge opportunity to include one? Was there a way to actually incorporate those starting characters into a cohesive unit? Has this series of articles ever helped you find a combo or build a better team?

    We will be taking next week off so that we at The Reserve Pool can focus on Origins. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone really good luck chucking dice. Hopefully everyone has perfect rolls and gets first place!

    Until next time (in two weeks): keep creating combos, brewing boffo bands of battlers, and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks!
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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Great article as always. This series helps me look at combos and I have stolen them directly from here.
    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      Quote Originally Posted by StrangeBrew View Post
      Great article as always. This series helps me look at combos and I have stolen them directly from here.
      If I can feature at least one combo that at least one player can steal for themselves, then it has been totally worth it!

      Glad you are finding them useful and enjoyable.
    1. Awesome Dave's Avatar
      Awesome Dave -
      Haha! I love it. I might just have to throw in some Krang from TMNT along with your terrible two-some. "You shall never draw anything worthwhile again!" So good!