• Isaac's Origins Preview Part 2: The Con!

    Welcome back to the second part of my Origins Game Fair review. Today I want to focus on the Con itself, both from a Dice Masters and overall gaming perspective. Make sure to check out my part one to this HERE for how to prepare for the week and finish up your last minute plans before you get there.


    First and foremost, before anything else you must get to the convention and check yourself in. If you preregistered, have your barcoded sheets ready to go. If you did not, I would suggest you aim to be there at least one hour before the event you are participating in starts so you have time to check-in and be ready to go. The registration line isn’t insanely long most of the time, and the earlier you are the better luck you will have getting in and out of there. Keep in mind that Thursday morning is probably going to be the busiest at the registration area.

    Also when you register, it can help to pick up some generic coins that can be used to play and participate in any open events. They are $2/each and you can always cash them back in before the end of the event if you don’t use them.

    Dice Masters

    Throwback, 2015 style

    Let’s be honest, if you are here on our site it is because Dice Masters interests you. For the week at Origins, the schedule of events looks like this:

    12:00 P.M.
    Registration Starts
    1:00 P.M.
    Side Events Start

    9:00 A.M.
    Registration Starts
    10:00 A.M.
    Dice Masters U.S. National Championship
    Dice Masters World Championship Qualifier
    Side Events Start

    9:00 A.M.
    Registration Starts
    10:00 A.M.
    Dice Masters World Championship Qualifier
    Side Events Start

    9:00 A.M.
    Registration Starts
    10:00 A.M.
    Dice Masters World Championship
    Side Events Start

    9:00 A.M.
    Registration Starts
    10:00 A.M.
    Side Events Start

    Thursday will be for anyone who has pre-qualified for Nationals and the first Worlds qualifier. Friday will find the second Worlds qualifier and Saturday the World Championship. Thursday allows for both qualified and nonqualified players to have a chance at competing for a chance to play in Worlds on Saturday. Keep in mind that different this year that for every four players one will qualify for Worlds at Nationals and one in every eight players will qualify for Worlds at the Worlds qualifiers. Side Events are scheduled for Wednesday through Sunday, and consist of two different formats this year available whenever 8 people can fire one off:

    $10 Quick Plays where you line up against an opponent with your constructed team and winner gets a prize.

    $12 Rainbow Drafts where you will play one match and the winner gets a prize.

    Prizes this year will be the same foil cards given out at WKO part 2 a few months ago and are as follows:

    Marvel Dice Masters Phoenix: Redd Foil Promo Card
    Marvel Dice Masters Professor X: Trainer Foil Promo Card
    DC Comics Dice Masters Bane: Venom Enhanced Foil Promo Card
    DC Comics Dice Masters Miri Riam: Beacon in the Dark Foil Promo Card

    The structure of play this year for side events is different and significantly improved from last Origins. Then to do a draft you had to play out 3 rounds, here you only need to play out 1. This allows you a chance to collect the foils you need quicker and get a few drafts in while still leaving time for other aspects of the Con.
    If you are playing in Nationals, Worlds Qualifiers or Worlds this year, it may be to your advantage to have your team sheet printed and ready to go filled out. This will also stop you from making last minute changes to your team and be ready to roll with what your plans were. Make sure you have your dice, cards, dice bag and mat ready to go day of-it is much easier than scrambling to find them last minute.

    Board Games

    Are you also a fan of Board Games? For me, this is the reason I started coming to Origins and one of the main reasons I continue to come back each year. This year you can get a sneak-peek at some of the new games being offered from your favorite companies HERE on the boardgamegeek.com geeklist covering it. Many companies offer large areas to demo their new and favorite games and offer you a chance to decide if it is one you want to pick up. Don’t be afraid to look for or ask for deals, especially as the Con starts to wrap up, as some vendors do not want to haul all their stuff back with them. Con exclusives like promo cards and pieces can often be found this way as well.

    Besides the main vendor hall, there are great opportunities to play unique to Con games and tournaments. Some of my favorites in the past have been the ‘’giant’’ versions of games like Settlers of Catan, King of Tokyo and others. Even if you don’t play those you can usually check them out, they are entertaining to watch. Tourneys of all sizes and levels of play are also available in a wide variety of game from CCGs, LCGs and board games. Some of my favorites have been the Legendary games to win an expansion, DC Deckbuilder, Star Realms and Splendor. But there are many opportunities to play and try your hand at casual to competitive play and I would encourage you to make the time to try some old favorites and new things while you are there.

    Outside of the Scope

    This is a gaming convention, which means outside of the board game/CCG world which makes up a bulk of the interest of those attending there are still some other awesome things to check out. In the past I took the time to play an RPG I had never heard of and had a blast. Some other areas that I have seen or experienced include:

    Battletech Mech
    Art Show/Artist’s Corner
    Painting minis
    Awards show
    Movie screenings

    Take the time to look at all the convention has to offer and find that unique thing or experience for you to make it a memorable event! You may discover a hidden talent or new hobby that you would not have otherwise even thought to try before.


    Next to gaming, eating is one of the best things about Origins. There are a number of amazing food choices in and around the Convention Center, and I would recommend you go with fan favorites or take a chance on some smaller places. These include:

    North Market
    By far one of the most popular choices, this place is hopping on a consitent basis. There are numerous food vendors including bbq, Korean, Japanese, Burgers, Pizza, Italian, Sammies and of course ice cream. Don’t miss out on a funky unique flavor from Jeni’s Ice Cream while there also. Definitely best to come during ‘’off-times’’ to avoid the rush. We have gone here and gone back numerous times in the past.

    Food Trucks
    These are usually lining the outside of the Con and offer a chance to get some great food and offers the convenience of being very close to where you are playing. These are usually only around during the busy, midday rush. Keep an eye out front of the center for their appearances.

    Great food, great beer and a theme menu that matches the Con all make this a welcome, inviting place to check out. Dave and I checked it out last year and loved it. It will be one of my official go-to’s for the Con from now on for sure.

    Convention Center
    There are food choices in the center, and in the lobby of the adjoining hotels you can find food as well. I would recommend checking these out when you are out of options or need a quick fix. Take the time to get out of the center if you can, it helps to clear your head and get you the break you need mentally and physically.

    If you prefer old standbys that are familiar, there are plenty of those to pick from as well. You can find places like Subway, Steak Escape, Chipotle, Max & Erma’s, Bar Louie and BD Mongolian Grill all close to the Con and give you a chance to seek out familiar eats when you need to grab a bite.

    As much as all of these choices are good, sometimes the best option and the quickest is to pack snacks/food items you can eat on the go. There are plenty of choices, we discussed those previously-but find items with protein and simple sugars to keep you fueled through the day.

    Well that wraps it up friends-I look forward to seeing many of you there-take the time to introduce yourself to our team that will be there: Trubie (Flexei), JT, Randy, Patrick (Shadowmeld), TheConductr (Stuart) and myself. We are looking forward to seeing you in just a few short days!
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      Thanks for your write-ups. They're helping build my excitement for the event.
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      I can't wait so nervous hopefully I will get a chance to play in the qualifier.
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