• Team Brew Switcharoo Challenge 3 Results

    Hello everyone! Well... here we are. The last Team Brew Switcharoo. Two weeks ago I put out the call. Take the starting team that was randomly selected then, using only four swaps and adhering to the Meta Rule "Saturday Morning Cartoons", create something magical. First, let's review that starting line up:


    I received some quality entries, and I'd like to highlight a couple of them before we tie the bow on this series. Our first entry comes from brettmanpb. As you can see, he went all YuGiOh in the swap department.


    Here is the info brettmanpb gave me on how this team breaks down and works:

    "It starts with buying Breaker or Sangan depending on the energy, plus a morphing jar. If a sidekick comes up that is fine. A Spidey's Last Stand is also acceptable if you manage to roll 3 bolts. Now depending on what you see in front of you, you will go Bullseye or Captain America. Bullseye will be used if we think we can win with combat damage. If we think we will need burn damage against an aggressive attacking team, we will go with Cap.

    The crux of the team is breaker and sangan. They are both 3 costs that we will benefit from getting KO'D or being refielded by prepping additional dice. Bullseye will be our early aggro. We will field him to do 2 damage to a character on our 3rd turn hopefully clearing the only blocker in front of us and going through to deal damage. Our opponent also gets to do 2 damage to one of our characters. It's a "may" ability. We want to leverage this. 2 points of damage will KO Sangan on all faces and will KO Breaker on 2/3 of his faces. If our opponent decides to use the ability, we will be able to have additional ramp on our 4th turn.

    Our 3rd turn purchase will depend on our energy. There isn't a bad buy on the team for our strategy. We want to keep the pressure on and our opponent's field fairly thin. Anything that gets through their defense we want to pump with Horn's global. Dark Magician girl is our 5 cost closer that will benefit from characters in the used pile. We will combo this with Spidey's Last Stand and Injection fairy to be able to place characters in used on demand. Horn of the Unicorn provides Overcrush damage if needed."

    I love the idea of using Dark Magician Girl with Spidey's Last Stand, and Sangan and Breaker are both great additions. Great team!

    Now for the other featured team. This one is from TRP user @mausphart;.


    While he admits that he has never made a squeak up until now in one of our TBS discussions, he submitted a fantastic team for our finale. Here it is... THE MAGICAL WEENIES!

    1. Gone
    • Hulk: Out because duh
    • Jade: Gone because in my rush to lose Hulk I indiscriminately removed every green character.
    • Thor: Gone because Ii'm building a team of weenies and hammers just don't belong around weenies
    • Waboku: Gone because I don't know what a Waboku and I suspect it's might be something like a waifu...

    2. Added
    • Injection Fairy Lilly: It's a weenie team and who doesn't like injected weenies?
    • Foot Ninja: Because I friggin' love swarm and this is my only swarm option.
    • Casey Jones: I added him because I read somewhere that he's pretty cool and I'm a follower.
    • Horn of the Unicorn: Added for two reasons, to honor the memory of the Narwhale and putting a horn on my Dark Magician Girl would just be awesome!

    3. Strategy
    • Use Foot Ninjas for ramp
    • Buy a Dark Magician Girl early
    • Get a Horn of the Unicorn
    • Buy as many weenies as possible (just pack them in until the bag is bursting)
    • Use Spidey's Last Stand to keep characters in the used pile (plus ramp)
    • Put a horn on Dark Magician Girl and beef her up to whale-size (Cuz I like it and I'm gonna put a horn on it!)
    • Use Casey Jones to occupy my opponent's weenie blockers and baddies.

    He also had my favorite "Origin Story" for the Meta Rule.

    As he sat at the breakfast table polishing off the last of his sugary cereal, OddballNarwal's mood, as it is wont to do, turned pensive. "What a strange trip it has been" he thought to himself as he lifted the bowl to his lips. In the morning light, he caught a view of his reflection and he was shocked to see how old he looked. "Gone are the halcyon days of my youth, spend carelessly frolicking with no heed for the future" he lamented out loud as a thin stream of milk dribbled ignored down his chin. "Now that I've grown I can feel the cares of the world on my shoulders. I miss the time when I could escape my worries lost in an animated world of violence and cacophony. Alas, those days are as gone as the Dodo and I must away to work, toil and strife." With this proclamation, OddballNarwhal hopelessly trudged to his adult life, with no promise of respite. However, much to his delight, he remembered that there is one place where he could once more access the free-spirited world of cartoon violence and adventure. Dice Masters was his sanctuary, his temporary haven from the rat race. It is in this spirit that he has decided to celebrate his upward movement at The Reserve Pool by adding the "Cartoons Only" meta rule. By looking back, he's looking looking forward. And we are all looking forward as well.
    That was fantastic (and shockingly accurate). Great job with the team and with the tale!

    And... that about wraps it up. I have enjoyed bringing this article to everyone for the past several months. For now, however, I'm focusing on Reading the Rainbow. If you haven't checked out my first article, please do. And, be on the lookout for more.

    I also wanted to mention something personal. A few days ago, on the way to one of our Rainbow Draft, two of the friends that I've made playing this great game were in a horrific accident. Luckily, though, they somehow escaped with only minor injuries. I would like to invite everyone to send anonymous good vibes their way, and remember that the most important part of Dice Masters is the friends that you make while playing. The second most important part, of course, is reading all of my articles and commenting about how awesome they are... but the point stands that the best thing is the people you play with. No matter how heated our battles and discussions get, remember we all love the same thing.

    And, with that, I'm closing the door on this series. Maybe we'll open it again one day. Until that day, though: keep creating combos, brewing boffo bands of battlers, and throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks!
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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Loved this series of articles, hope you bring it back one day. This was the only time I didn't submit an entry because life got in the way. Thanks again for all the great ideas.
    1. Awesome Dave's Avatar
      Awesome Dave -
      Oddball, I just wanted to say thank you again for this wonderful series. It's given me a lot of fantastic combinations, and taught me to look with more creativity at building teams. Thanks for the journey.