• Gotta Catch 'Em All! The Different Types of Dice Masters Collectors

    “Gotta catch ‘em all!” That has been the mantra of the last week of many of us and many people young and old around the world. Even me, old man that I am who was young before Pokemon became a thing can't stop playing this game. The AR is awesome, the community of people coming together to enjoy it, the exercise and promotion of physical activity out side of your home and the collectible nature of it all strike a positive cord for me that makes Pokemon Go a winner. But this is a Dice Masters article, and what does that game have to do with ours? We love Dice Masters and at times have the same things to say about our game. Today I want to talk about the collectible nature of Dice Masters and what it looks like in a variety of people.

    The Numbers

    Today in Dice Masters as the game stands there are 1,663 cards that you can collect in sets released to the public, and of those 97 cards that are promo cards. That is including the 10 full arts from collector’s boxes and the WKO, Nats and Worlds promos. The set's break down as follows with the promos that are specific to that set included in the totals are:

    Avengers vs X-Men-145 cards
    Uncanny X-Men-138 cards
    YuGiOh-120 cards
    Battle For Faerun-152 cards
    Justice League-149 cards
    Age of Ultron-150 cards
    Amazing Spider-Man-149 cards
    War of Light-151 cards
    Faerun Under Siege-148 cards
    Worlds Finest-148 cards
    Civil War-143 cards
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-58 cards
    Prize card full arts-14 cards

    Collector Types

    This creates a huge amount of cards and corresponding dice to collect. The level of collector that you desire to be is directly influenced by these numbers. The amount you personally get into collecting these cards can be defined Ina few different “trainers”:

    The “Gotta Catch ‘em All” Guy

    This collector sees nothing but complete collecting to be a complete collection. Every card and every die is important and he stops at nothing until the entirety of his haul is complete. All the full-arts, all the promos and everything is acquired quickly and crossed off his list. This collector is happy only once he has it all, and if it was made by WizKids in any fashion, they have to have it.

    The “Everything But FAs” Gal

    This collector is similar to the first but has everything but the full-art versions of the cards they already own. They are happy to have the full collection of Age of Ultron be all the cards except for the full-art Zombies, because they were crazy overpriced when they came out and now sees little reason to go after them. This collector has all the cards made, just not all the versions available out there-maybe they win one here or there, but she is happy to trade them to complete her collection of other cards.

    The “Single IP” Man

    This collector loves one thing enough to want all of the stuff they make, including Dice Masters. Maybe they play other games like Clix and prefer once IP and just go after that. This is the person who love D&D but is not interested in playing his Umber Hulk with a Red Hulk. They love Justice League but loathe The Avengers. This collector has all the things of what they love, and that is enough for them. This guy usually tends to avoid unlimited play, but when their set is the in set for your constructed event or you are drafting in their world-they will be there.

    The “Spike Collection” Bro

    This guy wants to win, but doesn’t want to collect. He is in the game to go to events and play the cards that will help him win. So he may have cracked a Talisman of Ultimate Evil, but will sell or trade it off for the value it holds to get a rare Dwarf Wizard and other tourney-worthy cards he desires. This collector is trying to put together the teams to do the work for him, and doesn’t care about the rest of the cards out there. If he needs it in the future, he can hunt it down from a fellow collector or a FLGS to round out his collection.

    The “Your Stuff” Woman

    This player loves to play, but loves to play with your cards and dice. She is not collecting her own world of dice and cards but instead is using yours. You are gaining a player in your scene or at your kitchen table but not someone who you can trade with. This person is collecting through you, and may even give you all of their stuff that they win or buy just to keep tabs of and add to your joint collection.

    The “Hoarder” Dude

    This dude not only collects it all, he collects tons of it all. While you buy 2-3 gravity feeds, he buys 2-3 cases. And then more. And more. He may buy them to resell, he may buy them to complete a full collection but ultimately he has so many things and his collection overflows into deckboxes, piles, bags and bins. You have seen their basement-they could build a small house out of cards and dice. Usually this guy is the one who has tons of stuff for newbies at the store as well ready to unload on them.

    Foils-How do they factor in?

    The next step in evolution for us is the introduction of foils for all the Dice Masters cards starting with Green Arrow and The Flash in September. The news spilled at Origins this year that every card from here on out in the collectible sets would have a foil version. What will the distribution look like? What will the value look like? To give us some comparisons let’s look to the grandaddy of them all, Magic the Gathering. These stats are from an article found at Starcitygames.com, link to original article HERE.

    “According to Crystalkeep.com, there's a 1/12 chance of getting a foil Common in a pack of Conflux, 1/18 of an Uncommon, and 1/36 of a Rare. That would average 6 foils per box (3 Commons, 2 Uncommons, 1 Rare). Foil Mythic rares appear about one out of every 216 packs, or once per Case. So if you wanted to open up a Foil Mythic set of Conflux rares, without duplication, you'd statistically have to open a minimum of 2160 packs (or 60 boxes of product!)”

    “The chances of opening a regular (Non-Foil) Path to Exile is 1 in 13 packs (three uncommons per pack, 40 uncommons in the set). To get a playset of Path to Exile, you'd need to open approximately 53 packs (or One Booster Box and Seventeen Booster Packs).
    The chances of opening a FOIL Path to Exile is 1 in 720 packs (two Uncommons per box, 40 Uncommons in the set). You would need to statistically open TWENTY booster boxes to get a single foil Path to Exile. To get a PLAYSET of Foil Path to Exile, you'd need to open Two-Thousand, Eight-Hundred and Eighty booster packs, or EIGHTY booster boxes!”

    “...foil cards are probably relatively underpriced compared to scarcity. To get a playset of foil Nicol Bolas (remember, statistically we're talking 1 in 2880 for a foil playset of any given card), you're looking at 8640 booster packs of product, or 240 BOXES! If you opened 240 Booster of product, that is what you would statistically need to get a full foil playset of Conflux. At $80 a box, you're looking at $19,200 worth of boxes!”

    “Mythic rares appear every 8 packs, so you'd open a regular Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker about once every 80 packs (1/80 shot). Foil Mythic Rares, as stated above, are once every 216 packs, so with 10 Mythic rares in the set, you'd need 2160 packs (1/2160 shot). This makes a foil Nicol Bolas TWENTY-SEVEN TIMES more rare than a non-Foil Nicol Bolas.”

    “A Foil Nicol Bolas is worth roughly triple a non-Foil Nicol Bolas.”

    What does this tell us about our sets and foils coming out? Perhaps they will not be as rare, as our c/uc/r/sr distribution is easier to complete than MtG, but we should expect that they will be spread out quite a bit and the likelihood of collecting all of the foils of a set will be very difficult and out of most people’s reach when it comes to buying packs to get there. It also tells us what we would assume, that these foils will have more value to them than their non-foil counterparts. For us, a playset can be obtained with one foil and 3 non-foils for the dice but I fully expect that highly sought after foils-playable cards and rares/super rares will hold significant value to the collectors who tend to be more on the ‘’gotta catch ‘em all!’’ train. I am mostly curious to see what the secondary market will do with them once the hype/newness wears down.

    Moving forward as a collector

    For me personally, I am a “Gotta Catch ‘em All” kinda guy. I only have a few more to cross off my list to have it all, and have recently added the full-art zombies to the list as well. But unless foils are super easy to get a hold of (which I don't think they will be), I will be focusing on continuing to collect this way with the foils just being bonuses. I guess that would make for a new category, a collector who grabs it all but the foils. Maybe to trade for other set completion or to have as extra-but I don’t see it affecting my collecting tendencies. If anything, it may cause me to draft more knowing that foils could be pulled from packs so the drafts hold a possible ‘’prize’’ outside of finding a SR in the set.

    Where do you fit? How does it affect your buying tendencies? And do you see foils changing that at all? Comments are welcome below!
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    1. Mactavius's Avatar
      Mactavius -
      Consider me a former "got to have them all" collector, though I don't prioritize full art cards (will buy if price is right). I was already weary over the increase in the number of super rares in a set. After the foil announcement at Origins, I am now a "complete what you've collected and get out of Dodge" collector. I am a huge fan of the game and the people who play, but I feel WizKids only cares about maximizing profits, and I do not care to support them financially any longer. They continue to make it harder and harder to collect sets, so I am going to stop trying. God only knows I already have plenty of cards and dice to play.
    1. radynski's Avatar
      radynski -
      I'm more of the "everything but FA's" variety. I have all the cards in all the sets and all of the promos, but I didn't bother to get any of the full-art zombies or black lanterns. Just didn't see the point. I likely will not be collecting the foils either.
    1. Gogonjdevil's Avatar
      Gogonjdevil -
      As a "gotta have 'em all" collector, I don't think I'll be going all out for foils. I usually go for 2 cases per set and a handful of Rainbow Drafts...and I'm going to be sticking to that routine. I have plenty of stuff to trade so if a foil SR catches my interest, I may offer up some stuff for it...and let's face it, I have a TON of extra rares from all the sets that are doing nothing for me...maybe now I can trade a rare for a foil uncommon or something. That being said...if it's 1 foil for every 12 packs...I may just ignore them altogether.
    1. geneinkc's Avatar
      geneinkc -
      I somehow manage to fall into a different group altogether. I don't pay for rares or SRs. My collecting goal is to get all of the commons and uncommons, and max dice for each character. If I have anything more valuable than an uncommon in my set, it's only because I found it in boosters (probably during a rainbow draft... I'm also one of those guys who plays in rainbow drafts as a means of collecting).

      If I have all of the C/UC and dice, my collection is "complete".
    1. Razorback's Avatar
      Razorback -
      I want them all but don't go out of my way to get full arts. I want each unique card and max dice. To me Melinda May and Batman Beyond were far more valuable than a full art Hulk. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled with alt art cards, but I won't break the bank for them.

      I've also found that buying 1 gravity feed and playing in a handful of rainbow drafts gets me most of a set. I will then buy the missing rares and super rares through eBay or Cool Stuff. I've found this to be the most economical approach. When War of Light came out, I ended up buying 3 gravity feeds and ended up with way too much extra.

      Foil cards look neat, but I'm going to treat them as alt art cards- enjoy the ones I get and not worry about the ones I don't.
    1. cbone3's Avatar
      cbone3 -
      I'm a "I've caught them all." collector. Foils seem to me to be a problem because getting a set may be too difficult. I could see myself scaling back if it's too tough to do.
    1. GNGJ's Avatar
      GNGJ -
      Gotta catch em all but Full Arts. However I do have all the Alt Arts except Hulk. I separate Full Arts from Alt Arts because to me the Alt Arts have a real distinction with completely different art. Full Arts are the same art so are not much different for me. Do they look a little better, yes, but not enough of a difference to care.
    1. bahamut7's Avatar
      bahamut7 -
      Seems appropriate to repost this from the pokemon thread.

      I wanna be the very best,
      like no one ever was.
      To find Super Rares is my real test,
      To build the Ultimate Team is my cause.

      I will travel across the stores,
      Looking within 3 hours.
      Each Booster Pack to open,
      To understand the potential that's inside.

      Dice Masters! (Gotta get the Meta) it's 10 and me.
      I know it's my Hobby.
      Dice Masters, oh, you're so bad for my wallet.
      In a game we must progress.

      Dice Masters! (Gotta get the Meta) a card so true.
      Our Globals will pull us through.
      Dice Bag feeds me and I'll feed it.
      (Di-ce-Mas-Ters) Gotta get the Meta!

      Every repeat along the way,
      With luck I will face.
      I battle every weekend,
      To claim my Organize Play cards.

      Come with me, the meta is right,
      Rush has no better team.
      Bard and Ring will win the fight.
      Minsc and Boo will always be my dream!

      Dice Masters!
    1. vash989's Avatar
      vash989 -
      I'm a want to have them all, but will settle for less than a complete set so long as I have the competitive (Spike type) cards. I only have complete sets of Justice League and Battle for Faerun, but from all the other sets I have most of the competitive cards. I like to have full common sets for little cups, and to have 4 dice for every card. I buy a bit, so I have plenty to give out to new players who show up at our game days. I would like to get full arts of the competitive cards, and dont care much for the other full art's.
    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      My view toward the foils will be the same as my view toward the current full arts or foils - they change the value proposition for collecting, but they don't change the *game*. I don't need FA Tsarina/Hulk to play, I don't need foil Miri to play, so having those versions of the cards be more expensive does not impact my ability to field a competitive team. However, as many have said, I might *want* one of those, because they are cool. If I'm going to play Oracle on my team, it'd be cooler to play the FA version!

      So I guess I'm probably mostly in the "Spike Collector" category.
    1. Jauron's Avatar
      Jauron -
      Quote Originally Posted by geneinkc View Post
      I somehow manage to fall into a different group altogether. I don't pay for rares or SRs. My collecting goal is to get all of the commons and uncommons, and max dice for each character. If I have anything more valuable than an uncommon in my set, it's only because I found it in boosters (probably during a rainbow draft... I'm also one of those guys who plays in rainbow drafts as a means of collecting).

      If I have all of the C/UC and dice, my collection is "complete".
      I too consider buying C/UC with max die, collection complete. I have my ways of getting rares and super rares and OP's I care about.
    1. Connor_MacLeod's Avatar
      Connor_MacLeod -
      Marvel and D&D only. I buy one starter and one gravity feed of each set, and compete in a couple of drafts - enough to get a decent collection that provide endless play variation. I trade where I can, and never pay more than a dollar or two for secondary market items. Even with this much discipline keeping the expense down, the concept of artificial scarcity and the fact that I'm buying into it occasionally rustles my jimmies. But it's a great game, and the price per hour of entertainment is still low, so f*** it.
    1. jigsawhc's Avatar
      jigsawhc -
      I'm an everything bug FA person. Normally get a gravity feed or 2 and then play in a few drafts. Gives me plenty to trade for most of what I don't get otherwise.
    1. Scum's Avatar
      Scum -
      I'm the everything but FAs person. I like to have a functionally complete set.
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      My local meta is semi casual. We want to win, but we like trying to make theme decks, see what new combos work, etc. At my level, what I want are card mechanics that throw my opponent off or give me a new advantage they don't know how to play against. So, I really like to have as many different mechanics as possible, but I really don't care about alt art, foils, anything like that with rare exceptions, and I will trade off a card to get one with a better fit to the strategies I play.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Once I became the everything but FAs collector, I set my sights on the FAs because we are in a down slope to f collecting time. So that first "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" Guy is probably my closest right now
    1. Basementcuts's Avatar
      Basementcuts -
      I have them all! Now I have to catch them all because completeness is a thing.
    1. IgwanaRob's Avatar
      IgwanaRob -
      I used to collect, but ever since the spectacular mess they made of the ASM release I've been done with that. WK's has proven, time and time again, that they are functionally incompetent with this game, and this is just another move at squeezing money out of an already dwindling player-base (one of the 2 stores that ran events near me is done, and there's literally less people than you can count on 1 hand that play at my usual place these days.) The good thing is that collecting the first 10 sets allowed me sell over $1000 worth of SRs and Rs back to CSI, so I could buy all the current X-Wing stuff I still have several complete sets, and a bunch of C/UC sets with max dice that I'm going to start trying to get rid of on eBay next.

      It's a shame, as it is a great game and can be loads of fun, but for now I'll stick to drafting and not buying anymore starters/boxes/feeds/cases. (pulled a SR Ronin and another SR that I've already forgotten at the last draft and sold those 2 back to CSI for $30 and $18 before the 25% store credit bonus so at least it's still good for something! )
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      I would argue against "shrinking" as a whole given that our podcast metrics continue to trend upwards. Otherwise, selling back from drafts is called "going infinite" and is something people effort to do in many games.
    1. IgwanaRob's Avatar
      IgwanaRob -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
      I would argue against "shrinking" as a whole given that our podcast metrics continue to trend upwards. Otherwise, selling back from drafts is called "going infinite" and is something people effort to do in many games.
      While I look for the SRs and well known high-end rares to sell back, I still primarily draft to win as it's a lot of fun making things work that I wouldn't have ever used in constructed. I'll continue collecting D&D - hopefully they'll keep up the quality level of that IP. Hmm, maybe I should trade some of the older stuff away for the FUS SRs...