• Dice Masters Store Report - Ep. 6 - Wisconsin!

    Welcome to another episode of our Dice Masters Store Reports where we profile various stores around the world that play DM and what makes their store and players unique. This week we have Sarah from I'm Board Games (http://www.imboardgames.com) in Middleton, WI. Here we go!

    What got you into dice masters?
    Everyone has their own story here, but I personally really liked the comic book themes of some of the sets.

    How long have you/the store been hosting events?
    We started hosting events in February 2015.

    How often do you hold events? Do your run “seasons” or just different formats each week?
    We run Dice Masters events Thursdays at 6:00 PM. We do rainbow drafts on the first Thursday and constructed tournaments on the third Thursday of each month. On the other weeks we just have casual play.

    How do you determine the type of event?
    This took a little trial and error when we were first getting started. We had to find the right frequency for tournaments, so we made sure to communicate with our Dice Masters players to get feedback on what was working for them. We eventually settled on our current schedule. When a new set comes out, however, we move things around so we can do a rainbow draft that week.

    What are some unique events that you have run?
    We held special tournaments for Rainbow Draft Weekend last September. We also created a Dice Masters league at our store that gives players a way to win prizes in a format that is less competitive than tournaments.

    What have you/store done to attract new players and keep long standing players interested in the game?
    We mostly attract new players by word of mouth and Facebook. If a customer is interested in learning how to play, we invite them to join our Thursday events. Our veteran players usually keep things fresh by coming up with themes for their teams each week, such as "clear dice only" or "spotlight on sidekicks."

    Do you have a wide range of age groups playing? How do you cater to them if you do?
    Most of our players are adults, but we also have a handful of kids in middle and high school who attend regularly. We encourage an atmosphere where everyone can play together, and it has worked for us so far. It definitely helps that as part of our store policy, we ask that children under 13 are accompanied by an adult. Also, a lot of the time we give the fellowship award to one of our younger players.

    Do you hold demo nights?
    Pretty much every Thursday is a demo night for us!

    How has your local scene evolved/changed since the start of the game?
    Our group has definitely grown larger since we first started. Overall, it feels like our events have taken on a life of their own. We now have a large number of veteran players willing and eager to show newbies the ropes.

    How have you balanced competitive and casual play types?
    We always offer casual play as an alternative to our tournaments, and our league setup gives players a way to win promos in a non-competitive format.

    Favorite card and/or character?
    It's hard to choose just one. I like most of the black lanterns from War of Light because I'm a big fan of that storyline in the comics.

    Most memorable Dice Masters moment?
    Again, it's hard to choose just one. One of my favorite things is seeing parents playing Dice Masters with their kids. It's exactly what you want to see with a game like this!

    Well that's all for this week. Remember, if you would like your store profiled, just shoot me a PM and we will work on getting you in the rotation.