• Reading the Rainbow - Rainbow Draft Weekend 2 Prep (Justice League Edition)

    Hello again everyone, and welcome back to Reading the Rainbow! This is The Reserve Pool's series about the Rainbow Draft format of play. I am OddballNarwhal, and I have drafted a few cards in my day. And evening. I've drafted cards both during the day and in the evening. Does this qualify me to write an article series? Don't worry about it. DO worry, however, about learning awesome facts and strategies for Rainbow Drafts!

    Now that Rainbow Draft Weekend 2 has started in earnest, I figured we could continue going over the most likely sets that you'll see (both in case your store hasn't held their event yet, and just because it is fun). This week, we'll be covering Justice League. This set was our first opportunity to play with Batman, Superman, and Booster Gold.


    While Uncanny X-Men was the first set that was widely drafted, Justice League was the first set that felt like it was built to draft. Let's kick the tires on the JL and see what works best.

    [top]See It? Snag It!

    It didn't take long to figure out the best strategy (and energy type) for Justice League. Let's just throw these together, even though they are all good by themselves.

    The Three Boltmigos

    Cheetah - Cursed Archeologist is, perhaps, the best character in Rainbow Draft play from any set. Her two or three attack isn't massive, but it is the "When Attacks" ability that everyone loves. Her cost of three is also fantastic. She is also a character so, if you have Firestorm - Jason and Ronnie in the field, you are dealing damage by putting her out there. Hey... she's also a Villain! If you happen to have Blue Beetle - Jaime Reyes out as well, then you are dealing even more damage to your opponent. If you see any of these cards come across your hand, then grab them. Especially Cheetah. She is an event winner, even without the support of Firestorm and Blue Beetle. If you can field Cheetah after having the other two in play, that is three damage before you even attack with her.

    Red Tornado - Lab Creation

    This is my favorite card from the Justice League set. Not the most powerful, mind you, but my favorite. Especially in draft. Red Tornado - Lab Creation costs four to purchase, and can cost three to field... but he's worth it. Once he is in the field, you get to start churning through your bag, getting to any non-Sidekick characters faster. It can also give you a little ramp. Purchased on the first turn and fielded on turn three, he is a difference maker to help you speed past your opponent.

    [top]See It? Snag It! - Non-Bolt Edition

    There are actually four different energy types in Dice Masters. Let's look at three more great cards to draft from JL that happen to be non-bolts.

    Constantine - All of Them

    This is one of the rare instances in Dice Masters when a card actually becomes more powerful the more rare that it is. Antihero is starting to become more important, especially with some Continuous actions making their presence felt. Con Artist, the Uncommon, is nice to alleviate some of the higher fielding costs that you run into. The Super Rare, Hellblazer, almost needs no introduction. If you happen to score this guy in Draft, then you have basically already won for the day. There is a reason that he finds a home in so many top tier constructed teams. Field him, remember to call out an opponent's character, and start stymieing their strategies.

    The Joker - Clown Prince of Crime

    The Joker - Clown Prince of Crime is some primo control. There isn't much to say about it, because he's so good. Field him, lock out a character, then use his giant Defense to lay down the blocks as needed. You can even use Harley Quinn - Dr. Harleen Quinzel to help get to him more quickly. She does love her puddin'.

    Vixen - Mari McCabe

    Ok, hear me out. If you are playing against someone who is "in the know", nothing can give you the psychological edge faster than sitting down across from them with the Common Vixen on your team. If you use the remaining seven spots carefully, you can slot her into your team without feeling the pain.

    [top]Combos and Strategies

    Justice League, as a set, really started us on the road to recognizing built-in synergy in Dice Masters. I know I already talked about a "Killer Combo" above, but let's look at a few more cards that work really well together.

    VOD (Villains On Demand)

    A few weeks ago, we did our "Quick Six In a Vacuum Six Pack" (I really need a better name for that feature) using Justice League packs. We talked about how great Black Manta - Deep Sea Deviant was. Pair that with Lantern Power Ring - Energy Projection, and suddenly any character can be a Villain. A character that's about to be KO'd, let's say. Or, when a Villain of yours is going to be Knocked Out, why not bring a few heroes over to the dark side to make that Retaliation even more devastating. Why is Katana - Outsider here? She's an inexpensive character that is going to get bigger every time you do the thing we were just talking about. At least, until your newly minted Villains get Knocked Out.

    Just Us League

    What would a Justice League draft be without talking about Justice League characters? This is more of a Strategy than a Combo, but this can really work. Pile JL characters onto your team, and watch the synergy sizzle! Aquaman - Arthur Curry is key here, but remember that the bonus will be applied to your opponent's Justice Leaguers as well.

    [top]In-Set Globals

    There are only a few draftable Globals in this set, and we've already talked about one of them (The Lantern Power Ring's Global Maker). Here are the remaining two:

    Batman - The Caped Crusader

    Once per turn pay or . The first time you play a basic action die this turn, gain 1 life.

    Since Batman was a Starter character (and since he is Batman), you can expect to see very few of this character. His Global can be fairly handy, especially if you bring a very inexpensive Basic Action.

    Sinestro - Common and Uncommon

    Once per turn pay . Target Villain gets +1A until end of turn.
    (Please note that the Globals on both versions do not read the same, but both do essentially the same thing. The listed one is from the Common.)

    Giving a bonus to Attack is never a bad thing. It is limited to once per turn and to Villains, so it's not exactly the most useful. Still, in a pinch, it can be handy.

    [top]Basically Talking About Actions

    Basic Action Selection is tough. Even when you have drafted perfectly, the wrong Basic Action can undo all of your hard work. This time, since we haven't yet look at them, let's go over a couple potential YuGiOh BACs.

    Knock out one of your monsters in the field to knock out an opponent's monster up to 1 level higher than yours.

    Say hello to my favorite YuGiOh Basic Action. In normal circumstances, it is pretty nice. KO'ing your things can be good. But, let's combine this with Solomon Grundy - Buried on a Sunday (When Solomon Grundy is KO'd other than by damage from an attacker or blocker, KO an opposing character), and you get a 2-for-1 deal on KOs. Shop smart, and take savings where you can find them.

    Choose an opposing monster. Your opponent draws a die. If it is a monster, replace the chosen monster with that die at its lowest level. Otherwise, return the die to the bag.
    Pay . Swap the attack value of one of your monsters with that of one opposing monster.

    Now see, isn't this nice? We have the Transfer Power Global without bringing Transfer Power. The ability on the card itself is almost a copy of the offensive use of Resurrection.

    [top]Retroactively Reading the Rainbow!

    Before leaving to ride his motorcycle around the world, Shadowmeld did a series of Reading the Rainbow articles about Justice League. I would encourage everyone to take a gander before drafting this set!

    Part 1 - The Economy

    Part 2 - Metas
    Part 3 - The Rainbow
    Part 4 - Player One

    Part 5 - Tough Decisions
    Part 6 - Super Rares

    Part 7 - Overcrush
    Part 8 - Nothing
    Part 9 - A Beginner's Look

    ... and that about wraps it up for this week. No "Six Pack Attack In a Vacuum" this week, as I just returned from playing in two consecutive Rainbow Draft Weekends and could not justify buying six more packs for the feature. Hopefully, we'll be back at it again next week. Speaking of next week, we'll be wrapping up our coverage of the possible sets for RDW with The Amazing Spider-Man.

    If you played in a Rainbow Draft Weekend (or two), let us know how it went in the comments! Did any of the Reading the Rainbow articles or the advice from your fellow players help in your drafts? Were you able to spring some sassy surprise shenanigans on your opponent? Let us know!

    Until next week: crack some packs you crafty drafters!
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    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      #1) These series absolutely helped. I'd read most of Shadowmeld's original series, but didn't really have the time to exhaustively go back through them, so these quick primers were awesome.

      #2) Couldn't agree more on Cheetah. In my first (of two) Super Chaos Drafts this weekend (4 packs from your choice of 4 of the 7 available Marvel/DC sets), I actually got Cheetah passed to me. There was only one die of her in the whole Rainbow, and there was other stuff in that pack I wanted, but I knew I had to grab her. Even with one die, she was probably what tipped the scales in my favor and helped me go 3-0.

      #3) I love your point on Crush Card Virus. I've been using Vigilante Justice to a similar effect with my Batman theme team, as then it can't be used against me. But when paired with Bruce Wayne or Rarecrow, you get that same 2-1, which is brutal.

      #4) Red Tornado. Man, that guy is good. He doesn't give you the ramp that PXG does, but he gives you the same bag cycling, allowing you to get your newly bought characters out faster. I faced him in my second RDW2 the last game - I had assembled a mostly villain team, and my opponent had the Batgirl who can't be blocked by Villains or Sidekicks! Yikes! I did have a Speedball, but I couldn't roll him, so all my opponent had to do was buy Red Tornado and two Batgirls, and then just cycle them through.

      #5) I gotta give a shout-out to Joker: Red Hood. I mostly drafted him in the first RDW2 because a) he was a rare I didn't have and b) my friend, whose favorite character is Joker, had recently remarked that he'd never really gotten him to work. But I did! I faced a team in the finals where the power attack characters were villains, but she couldn't really attack or block with them because as soon as she did, they were all toast.
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Great article, as always. You touched on a couple of my favorite "go to" cards (notably these versions of Cheetah and Blue Beetle) and also gave me some insight on a couple of cards I haven't been playing. I've rarely used Katana, and when I have it has been the Sidekick blocker. I also know that I just didn't pay attention to this version of Red Tornado and I'm definitely going to see how he plays. Thanks again.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Top Secret tech:

      Polymoprh and Common Cyborg.

      Trumps Firestorm and Red Tornado with the right amount of energy. Don't forget you can Spin a lvl 1 Firestorm to lvl 2 and lvl 3 Cyborg to level 2 before attacking, ensuring the ko.